Benjamin D Universal City TX

I am on a scheduled maintenance plan with A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to take care of all of my pest management and termite control needs. This company is great, from the office staff to the exterminators, they are all very organized, professional and customer service oriented. I feel great about their green pest control methods and the ecological, family / pet safe nature of the products they use. In fact, that’s why we originally chose them – due to their environmentally friendly approach that is also very effective too. Every summer, ants attempt to enter my kitchen and wreak havoc but the ant control from A Five Star keeps them at bay without harming my daughter and cats. I recently had large populations of various spiders in my house, including black widows and would see about 5 on any given day. Since the focused spider control, I’ve seen only 2 spiders over a span of weeks! Thank you again, especially from Ruby.

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