Residential Pest Control Services

No one wants to see pests of any kind running through their home! The best way to ensure that your home is treated for pests that are found around your Greater San Antonio TX home is to have a residential pest control company come and spray regularly. At A Five Star Termite and Pest Control we have expert technicians that are trained to treat your home and inspect for any pests that may be looking to infest your residence. Our staff is always striving to be number one in customer satisfaction and we offer full service treatments for any homes. Contact our office today to set up the plan that best fits your home and family.

Residential Home Pest Inspection Checklist

One way that you can be sure that we are treating your home the best way possible is by our meticulous pest inspection service. Our technicians are trained to look into all areas of the home, attic, deck and property to ensure that any pests that may be lurking around or invading your home are detected and a plan is set in action to treat the home and eliminate these pests right away.

Termite Inspections & Control Treatment

Texas has many species of destructive termites including subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites. It is important to have regular termite inspections to catch new colonies early before they start to eat away at your San Antonio home. We offer thorough inspections and customized termite control treatment plans to eliminate destructive termites from your residence.

Rodent Exclusion & Control

One of the pests that cause the most damage and are not fun to come across are rodents. Mice and rats get into your home through small gaps and spaces and will start to build a nest. They are prone to chewing on electrical wiring and insulation that is in the walls and attic spaces. Rodents are also known to spread disease and bacteria just by walking across your floors and counters. We offer rodent control, exclusion and prevention at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control. Our comprehensive rodent removal and treatment plan begins with a homeowner consultation and thorough pest inspection including roof and attic areas. We then present a graph showing every rodent entry point we found and proceed to completely seal these access points. A Five Star Termite and Pest Control offers a one year renewable contract where if rodents break back into your home in one of the areas we previously sealed up; we will fix it at no charge!

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Crawling Household Insect Control

Crawling insects in your home can be anything from a spider, ant, beetle, cockroach or scorpion to name a few. Some of these pests are dangerous and have a venomous sting or bite that can be harmful to your health. These pests needs to be treated at the source to ensure you are not infested again in the near future. We offer an array of options to treat these kinds of pests and have different prevention plans that will have your home treated on a regular basis to catch a pest problem early before it gets out of hand into a full blown infestation.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal Service

This area of pest control is best left to a professional because of the dangers that nuisance wildlife found in the greater San Antonio area can pose. Most wildlife critters that you may come across will run or hide if they are approached by a person but some have been known to go on attack if they feel trapped or cornered. Our expert technicians are trained to remove and prevent wildlife from getting into your home and keep them away from your property.

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If you are interested in residential pest control call A Five Star Termite and Pest Control today to set up a pest management prevention and control plan that is best for you.

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