Hendrick Family San Antonio TX

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control were referred to us by my sister. They had provided excellent exterminator service for her for years so when we moved to San Antonio, it was only natural that we would give them a try as well. When we moved in, we had purchased a couple of used mattresses that we suspected had bed bugs. The mattresses were already in the house when we realized we might have a problem so we called Rick and his guys to do a bed bug inspection and subsequent bed bug control. Gross – luckily A Five Star are a top notch pest control company and got rid of them and they haven’t returned thankfully. Since then, we have called them for all of our pest management needs – various wildlife removals, general pest control like ants, cockroaches and mice removal etc. Once we even called the for a bee removal. My boys were worried until Rick explained that it was a bee relocation – he was finding a new home for the bees. Thanks for everything, the Hendricks.

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