How You Should Never Attempt to Remove a Wasp Nest in Cross Mountain, TX; Don’t Set Fire & More

The days are starting to get longer and the weather is getting warmer. The summer months means a lot of things to a lot of people. The nicer it is outside, the more outdoor activities that people tend to take part of. Swimming, barbeques and hikes are all things that people choose to do when the summer hits. The summer weather is great for us but it is also great for pests too. There are many pests that wait for this weather to come so they can emerge and start to enjoy their life. One pest that comes out in the summer are wasps. There are many types and species of wasps that you might find around your home. They will start to build their nests that many people want to get rid of so the swarm isn’t too close to their door or home. The problem is that removing a wasp nest should be done by a professional to ensure that it is done right. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Has Some Removal Techniques To NEVER Use To Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest.

Can You Set a Fire to a Wasp Nest?

Some people assume that you can just hit a wasp nest with some fire since they look very papery. The fact is that the nest is papery and is made from the pulp that the wasp collect from wood and other plants. The dried up substance is a great fire starter but this is a terrible option. Number one you are starting a fire that you can easily lose control of. The fire can quickly spread from the nest to other areas of your home and property. This will lead to a serious amount of damage and could be dangerous to you as well. The other problem is that the wasps that are in the nest may start to act out and could swarm around and sting anyone nearby. You are essentially burning their home but not getting rid of the wasps.

Can You Hose or Pressure Wash a Wasp Nest?

The quick thing to grab when dealing with a wasp nest outside your home often seems to be the hose. You might think that spraying it and soaking it will eliminate the swarm and the nest at the same time. The problem is that the nest is often up close to a eve or opening. When you start to flood the nest you could be spraying water into your home as well. This will lead to water damage and mold and mildew growth. The other issue is that the flooding will only soak the home of the wasp but it won’t stop the wasps at all. The wasps will still be in the area and can become agitated. If you are allergic to a wasp sting you could be in some serious trouble.

Is it Bad to Knock Down a Wasp Nest?

Another way that homeowners choose to get rid of a nest is to try and knock it down with a broom or long stick. You are only putting yourself at risk and causing the wasp to panic. When they feel attacked they will go on the defense. Never try and knock down a nest. It is best to call a professional to have the nest treated and removed.

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