How Do I Identify, Get Rid Of & Keep Away Black House Spider Infestations in Castle Hills, TX?

One resident of Texas is the Black House Spider. The Black House Spider is a common invader found in many home throughout the state. The Black House Spider is considered one of the more dangerous spiders. Although their bite isn’t fatal, it can still have strong side effects. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share more about the Black House Spider, where they can be found in the home, the effects of their bite, and how to identify and control them.

How Do I Identify a Black House Spider

The Black House Spider, as their name suggests, are black. Even so, they can vary from black, gray, to dark brown. Most Black House Spiders have light colored marking on top of their abdomen. The Black House Spider has a larger cephalothorax that can be easily seen. The females have a round abdomen whereas the males are more flat and oval shaped. The female Black House Spider body size is ¾ of an inch and with a full leg span; they are over a full inch in size. Black House Spider males are much smaller with the body size of 3/8 of an inch.

Do Black House Spiders Bite Humans?

The Black House Spider has made it to the dangerous spider of Texas’s list for a few reasons. Where there bites aren’t fatal, they do have some serious side effects. Bites from a Black House Spider can be rather painful and even cause skin irritation and nausea with vomiting. The Black House Spider may become aggressive and bite if provoked. However, in most cases they will leave you alone. The Black House Spider creates messy webs with a funnel entrance where they can be found hiding during the day. They mostly inhabit lighted areas around windows or near light fixtures. The Black House Spider knows many insects are attracted to light and uses this tactic to make hunting much easier. Sometimes they become a victim themselves by using this tactic. Most Black House Spiders prefer to live outdoor in logs, trees, and in sticks or rocks. However, they do wander inside often enough to get the name “Black House Spider.”

What Keeps Black House Spiders Away?

Controlling the Black House Spider is like controlling any other pest, which starts with pesticides or insecticides. The key of keeping spiders, cockroaches, and other pests out of your home is maintaining a proper pest control program. Professional pest control companies use an efficient pest control spray around the outside and inside of your home. Depending on your pest problem, the treatment will vary how or where they spray. The chemicals used to defend homes from pests will kill the targeted pest and if they make it inside your home, they won’t live very long. It is important when using a professional pest service to share what pest problems you’re facing so they know how to protect your home. Spiders don’t like activity, so regularly cleaning windows and washing down light fixtures is another great deterrent. If you happen to find a Black House Spider in your home you have two choices: leave it alone or use a vacuum to remove it.

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