Control of Pigeon Bird Problems in Garden Ridge, TX; Dangerous to Health, Roof Damage, Coo Noise & More

There are many pests you likely have to deal with throughout the year. The summer brings out more and more flying pests from bees to mosquitoes. You will also see more signs of ants while you are out and enjoying the weather. Spring is the time of year that all things bloom and the pests that have been hiding from the weather come out. You also will find roaches and other pests in the fall that want a place to stay warm. Rodents are also an issue and will gain access to your home and make a nest for the year. You want to make sure you know what pests are a problem and why it is important to keep them out of your home. One pest that you might overlook are nuisance birds. They can be a problem for your family, health and home. The most common type of bird that seems to invade homes are pigeons. Pigeons can become a problem and unless you get professional help they may stay around. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines why pigeons are a problem to have around your home.

Are Pigeons Dangerous to Your Health

When you allow any type of pest to hang around your home you have to wonder what health concerns they might bring. The health of your family should be your top priority and that is why you should be concerned about pigeons around your home. When it comes to pigeons they can bring with them illness and disease that can affect your family. One of the diseases that can be a problem for your family is called histoplasmosis which comes from the droppings that pigeons leave. The disease can cause your family to have fever and even chest pains. You want to make sure that you have your home rid of pigeons to protect from unwanted disease.

Can Nesting Birds Damage a Roof?

When it comes to your home it is the largest investment you will make in your life. That is why most people want to make sure that their home is taken care of and that you avoid any major damage at all costs. That is why you have upgrades done such as fresh exterior paint, new landscape and repairs to doors, windows and other components. You also want to avoid letting elements destroy your house. When it comes to pigeons they will cause damage to the house and usually the roof. They tend to create their nests on your roof. When they do this is will cause damage. It will also clog the gutters that should be draining the water. This can lead to some major roof damage and if it goes unnoticed it can cause damage to the inside of the house as well.

Why Do Pigeons Make a Coo Noise Constantly?

Pigeons also tend to hang out on the roof near the vents and will coo all day long. While you are in your house you will hear these sounds in the house even while you are relaxing. The best thing you can do for your sanity is to call a professional about removing the pigeons from your home.

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