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Can Mice Bring Ticks into Your House & Can You Treat Your Yard for Tick Infestations in New Braunfels, TX?

Ticks are a species of arachnid that are responsible for transmitting dangerous diseases to humans like Lyme disease and yellow fever. Ticks are not born with this disease, but they usually contract them from sucking the blood of a previous host that was infected with the disease. Ticks are dangerous insects due to these diseases…

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How Do Solitary Wasps Differ from Social in Garden Ridge, TX? How Dangerous are Yellow Jackets & More

Every summer wasps send over 500,00 people to the emergency room due to stings. This insect is fairly non-aggressive unless their nest is disturbed or they are trapped somewhere. Unfortunately, they tend to build their nests where there is human interaction. Often times, we are completely unaware of the nest until it is too late.…

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