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How to Get Rid of Mexican Honey Wasps & Avoid the Pain from Paper Wasp Stings in Von Ormy, TX

To most people, wasps are usually fairly recognizable. Known to be more aggressive in the stinging insect class, they can clear out a picnic or BBQ pretty quickly. Unlike bees who have one sting in them before they die soon after, wasps deliver multiple stings. Until a perceived threat is neutralized, wasps will usually protect…

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How to Prevent & Get Rid of Flea Infestations in Your Balcones Heights, TX House & Yard this Summer

The warm weather is here to stay and like many homeowners, during summer you enjoy spending time outside cooking out with family and friends, gardening, relaxing in the sunshine and participating in lots of other outdoor activities. The downside of the warmer weather is an increase in nuisance pests which can, if left unchecked puts…

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