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Identifying, Preventing & Controlling Cluster, Face & Blow flies this Winter in Cross Mountain, TX

Contrary to popular belief that houseflies “die off” or hibernate when the weather cools down, the common housefly doesn’t actually die for the season. In fact, they go into a state of diapause, which means a state of reduced metabolic activity when environmental conditions are unfavorable. They take up residence in cracks and crevices where…

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How Do Most Insects & Pests Survive Cold Weather in China Grove, TX? Overwintering & More

Outdoor conditions dictate that most insects, arachnids and other winged and multi-limbed horrors enter a hibernating or inactive state. Being cold blooded insect activity is much curtailed during the colder months. Collectively these pests utilize various means to endure winter weather. Overwintering larvae, these bugs pass the winter in an immature larvae state. The burrow…

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What are These Tiny Brown Bugs in My Pantry in Elmendorf, TX? Flour Beetles, Meal Moths, Fruit Flies & More

Flour Beetles There are two very common flour beetles, the confused flour beetle and the red flour beetle. These beetles are very small, measuring 3 to 4 mm for adults. flour beetles make pests of themselves in flour and cereal products they are common in homes and grocery stores- infestations can occur in mills and…

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