How Do You Control Pavement Ant Populations in Bulverde, TX? What Stops Ants from Coming in the House & More

The ant is a common summer pest throughout Texas. One particular species that is seen frequently infesting homes are pavement ants. Pavement ants are aggressive invaders and are heavily active during the summer season. Pavement ants can be found along sidewalks or even right underneath the foundation of your home. A Five Star Termite &…

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Do Stinging Insects Come Out in Spring in Santa Clara, TX? Honey Bees, Wasps, Fire Ants & More

Spring time provides the perfect weather for more outdoor activities that we can enjoy with family and friends. Hiking, camping and barbeques are all popular events that can be enjoyed this time of year. Unfortunately we are not the only ones that become more active when the weather warms up. Stinging insects throughout the state…

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