Rodent Pest Control Tips; Signs of Rats & Mice as well as Methods & Devices for Removal in San Antonio TX

Do you have rats or mice attempting to co-exist with you in your home? It’s a bone chilling thought; and often a common misconception that homes that are well maintained and properly cared for immune from infestations of mice or rats. The truth is that any residential property or commercial business can become home to…

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Why Do I Have a Silverfish Infestation in My New Braunfels, TX House? What Attracts Occasional Pest Invaders?

Not as common as ants, cockroaches, and spiders, but still notorious enough you can recognize them when you see occasional invaders including earwigs, centipedes and silverfish. In comparison to the major pests, the damage they do to property and structure isn’t as catastrophic and they are relatively harmless. But what these occasional invaders are capable…

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