Batesian Mimicry; Black or Red Ant Mimic Jumping Spider that Looks like an Ant in Von Ormy, TX?

There are several spiders found throughout Texas; most warn locals about the venomous or terrifying looking spiders such as the Black Widow, Brown Recluse and Wolf Spiders. But with a handful of other spiders capable of making their way into your home or business, we at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control would like to discuss one of the less talked about spiders that can easily be found in Texas homes and business and that is the Ant Mimic Spiders.

What Do Ant Mimic Spiders Look Like?

Ant mimic spiders range in size from 1/8” – 3/8” in length; and as their name suggests, they greatly resemble ants in shape and color. Though they move like ants they are called ant mimics because they have a false waist. They are general a reddish-brown but some will have orange, brown, or black color. These spiders generally have light or dark colored bands, spots, or markings on their bodies. These spiders look shiny much like ants because of the reflective hairs. Dark with white or yellow hairs, the hard, outer covering (carapace) is pear-shaped. Arranged in two horizontal rows, they have eight eyes with violet color around them and they have white spots behind the rear eyes.

Spider Ant Looking Bug?

Ant mimic spiders construct small silken homes in soil, under leaves, and inside tree bark and belong to the longipalpa species. Behaving like ants to confuse predators, these spiders are often found near anthills and sometimes found inside buildings. Generally, their habitats are in woods, meadows, and gardens, as well as in buildings as mentioned before. In an effort to continue the ruse to look like ants, ant mimic spiders will include quick darting movements. Looking like ants and demonstrating ant-like behavior will help them avoid being eaten by ants. In addition to these imposters resembling ants, their colors ward off potential predators as they suggest they sting or taste bad. Some ant mimic species can deliver painful bites, such as the species that imitate wingless velvet-ant wasps. Ant mimic spiders include special behaviors and exhibit Batesian Mimicry; as their behavior and appearance makes them the perfect imposter for ants. Some species will go to extreme lengths to wave their two front legs in the air to appear more like carpenter ant antennae. These spiders do not spin webs to capture their prey but will roam in search of their food and a willing mate. A few however, will construct a temporary home inside a rolled-up leaf or under plant matter by weaving a tubular sac of silk.

Ant Mimi Spider Reproduction

These spiders mate in spring and fall seasons and when the females are ready to lay their eggs, they first attach their eggs beneath stones or in rock crevices. The egg sacs look like a flattened disc and are white. The sacs themselves contain just a few eggs that hatch in autumn where the younglings overwinter and quickly disperse come the spring.

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Down to the last detail, ant mimic spiders bite feels much like a sting but a little more intense, closer to a bee’s sting, and though their initial bite is harmless, but a bit painful, the only concern is for those that have allergic reactions. Whether you have ants in your home or ant mimic spiders, at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control is ready to help rid them from your home or business! Contact us today.

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