Indoor & Outdoor Carpenter, Odorous, Red Imported Fire & Other Ant Control

Indoor & Outdoor Carpenter, Odorous, Red Imported Fire & Other Ant Control

Ants are a major problem mostly in the summer when they are most active. They are out often looking for food and that often times leads to your home and your property. A kitchen is a great stop for an worker ants to stock up on food for the colony and the queen. Ants are a real nuisance to find in your home and when you find one there are sure to be more on the way. Ants live in colonies that can be quite large and once their invisible scent trail leads to an area in your home or on your property, all of the worker ants are going to take turns coming in and getting a piece!

Ant Identification Guide

Our pest control technicians offer ant identification in addition to ant control. This is important as different ant species must be treated differently. Many species of ant look different, cause damage differently and have differing behaviors and reasons for intruding into your home. It’s great to have at least a general idea what types of ants you may find around your home. It helps us as your pest professionals better deal with the infestation.

Types of Ants Found in Texas Homes & Businesses

Odorous Ants: An odorous ant is an ant that can be found sneaking around your home feeding on crumbs and foods such as sugary foods and any sweets. The most interesting thing about the odorous ants is how they got their name. They actually emit an odor when they are crushed that is similar to a rotten coconut. It is best to have them treated by our expert technicians so that you don’t have this horrible odor around your home.
Carpenter Ants: This is a very different ant to have around your home. They are drawn to a home looking for foods such as meats and sweets, but the bigger draw is wood. As the name suggests the carpenter ant is most interested in wood! They are found tunneling through wood beams and stacks of wood on and around homes. They can cause a lot of damage to the structure of your home so you want to have out pest control technician out as soon as possible.
Fire Ants: Red imported fire ants are also found around local homes in Texas. They are known for their red coloring as well as their bite. Their bite can leave you feeling a burning sensation on the area that has been bitten. They are found in large colonies and are quite aggressive when they are collecting food or feeling threatened.
Other Common Ants: Other common ant species include Acrobat, Pharoah, Crazy Ants, Rover and Leaf Cutting.

Odorous, Carpenter, Fire & Other Ant Control in Cibolo, Universal City, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Texas

Our technicians at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control are able to come out to your home and offer an inspection to help locate problem areas such as ant hills that are too close. We also can consult in areas that are entry points for an ant and what can be done to cover it up. We also offer ant control to not only get rid of the ants that are in and around your home but treat the problem at the source. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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