Yellow Sac Spider Control in Balcones Heights, TX; Identification, Bites, How to Prevent & Get Rid of & More

Yellow sac spiders are well known throughout the state of Texas and can live year round. These spiders can be found in yards, homes and other human structures. For most people, these spiders do not pose a threat and are considered more of a nuisance. However, some of us can have an allergic reaction to yellow sac spider bites and require medical aid. For those who simply do like having these spiders around your home, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share more about this spider and a few control tips.

Yellow Sac Spider Identification

Yellow sac spiders vary in color. Most are yellow, but a few can be a yellowish green color as well. Yellow sac spiders can grow up to ΒΌ inch in length and be covered in soft hairs. The yellow sac spider is known for their small silken sacs which they hide in during the day. At night, the yellow sac spider will hunt for prey and eat small insects and even other spiders.

Yellow Sac Spider Bites

It is at night these spiders are most often found wandering inside the home, even crawling on people lying on the couch or in the bed. If the encounter becomes a bit threatening for the spider, they are known to bite and sometimes more than once. When yellow sac spiders bite, the site can become red and harden and increase to a few inches in diameter. It is also common for pustules to develop. However, most people can easily recover from yellow sac spider bites and do not require medical aid. If the bite symptoms do not go away after a few days, even after cleaning and disinfecting the bite, you may want to seek medical attention as some people can have severe reactions to the Yellow Sac spider venom.

How to Prevent Yellow Sac Spiders

When yellow sac spiders are found around the home they are most commonly located in the corners of the ceilings, baseboards, windows sills and soffits. Anywhere they can weave their protective sacs you can find a yellow sac spider. To prevent yellow sac spiders from wandering too close to your home, one of the first steps you can take is reducing the amount of ground cover vegetation near the home. Yellow sac spiders love tall grass and other ground covering plants. They use this vegetation for their hunting grounds. Next you will want to seal all of the cracks around the outside of the home. Next make sure windows screen fit tightly and do not have any holes for spiders to crawl through. Make sure gaps around piping, ventilation, or crawl spaces are closed off and sealed. Lastly, keep firewood stacked as far away from the home as possible, Yellow Sac spiders love to make their silken sacs in tight spaces and in between the wood. Additionally, firewood stacks draw in other insects that spiders will prey on. The last thing you want is to have firewood next to the home and next to an exterior door or windows.

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