Wildlife Removal in Live Oak, TX; How to Get Rid of & Prevent Snakes, Rodents, Raccoons & Other Wild Animals

When it comes to pest control most people think of it as bugs and insects like cockroaches, termites, ants and more. The fact is that there are also wildlife that are a part of pest control services in many areas. It can be a specialty service that you want to make sure that your pest control company offers. The wildlife that are common in your area can start to be a problem throughout the year. They can be trying to invade your house and your property. You want to make sure that you know what wildlife is common and what you can do to keep them from getting in your house. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what wildlife pests are common and what you can do to keep them out.


Most areas have some types of snakes that are common to see. They can vary in size and they can vary in the danger that they bring to your home and your family. There are some that are venomous and if they were to strike and bite you could be in danger. When it comes to snakes most of them are looking for a place to rest and your house can easily be that place. As the weather starts to cool off they want to find places that are warm to coil up in. If they are in your house you want to make sure that you call out a professional that has expertise in snake handling. IT is never a good idea to handle or agitate them for the simple fact that it can be hard to tell what type of snake you have in your house. You can also make sure that you do not have food in the house that a snake might want such as mice and rats. Lastly be sure that you have your home sealed up so that they are not able to gain access to the inside of the house.

Mice & Rats

When it comes to mice and rats they are found in every state and they can be problematic whether you live in a rural area or in the middle of a city. The main thing that these rodents are on the hunt for is a place to hide and a bonus if they can have access to food. Your house may have small gaps that are a perfect entrance for a mouse to get in. They also are happy to rummage through your garbage and your pantry in search of food that has not been sealed properly. It is best to seal the house as well as keep your food cleaned up and sealed.


A pest that you might see around your house at night is a raccoon. They are a pest that seems to cause messes when they show up. They are often looking for a quick meal that they can enjoy or take with them on the go. They are a larger pest that might scare you when they waltz up to your trash can. It is best to keep your cans secured so that they cannot get inside them. You also want to make sure that you keep pet food cleaned up from outside as well since they will come and collect your dog or cat food while you sleep. If they gain access to the house you want to make sure that you call a professional that can come out and trap them and remove them from your house.

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