Why Pigeons are a Problem & How to Keep Roosting Birds Away from Your in Terrell Hills, TX Home

The cooing sounds that pigeons produce can be soothing but most people consider them to be pests. Pigeons always seem to be around because food is always around. They are scavengers that will eat anything from insects to seeds to garbage. As soon as they find a source of food, they will make themselves comfortable and start to reproduce. Pigeons are known to breed throughout the year, and depending on food available, they will lay two eggs, up to six times a year.

The Problem with Pigeons

Pigeons are very dirty birds because they do not really clean themselves and will roost almost anywhere, and under any conditions. The droppings that pigeons leave behind can cause food poisoning and spread disease such as cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella. Their droppings are also heavily acidic and can corrode rooftops, paint, wood, and steel. It can also damage marble and bronze surfaces. Pigeon droppings are also very slick and create a slipping hazard. Pigeons defecate up to forty times a day. The more pigeons you have, the bigger your problem will be. The nests that pigeons create can also cause problems because they can block vents and drains and become fire hazards when they are built close to electrical systems. Ticks, fleas, lice and mites that live on pigeons can also become a problem.

Pigeons are Smarter than Many Other Birds

You might think that pigeons are not all that smart when you see them waddling around pecking at anything they come across, but they are smarter than you think. They can recognize faces of those that leave food around for them to eat, and if you’ve made your home suitable for insects, pigeons will make themselves at home. Even if you were to remove them from their nest and relocate them, they will find their way back and distance doesn’t matter. They have a tremendous sense of orientation that helps them return.

Pigeon Repellent & Prevention

Pigeons can be difficult to deal with because once they settle, they tend to nest at the same place for the rest of their lives. You can keep pigeons in check by maintaining regular pest control and keeping your yard free of trash and debris. You can also make it hard for them to create nests. Modify areas of your home that provide open spaces on flat surfaces where they will roost and build nests. People will unintentionally feed pigeons when they spill food or leave trash cans open, but do not feed them intentionally. Pigeons are social and will communicate with one another about the location of a food source. Feeding one pigeon can turn into a flock of twenty or more within a weeks’ time.

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Pigeons can be very difficult to control. If a local population decreases, pigeons from other areas flock to take advantage of the extra food. Therefore, poison can lead to a boom in population rather than a decrease. Hire professionals to do it the right way. Contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to evaluate your situation and create a plan to eliminate then and prevent them from coming back!

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