Why Do Termites Suddenly Appear in Seguin, TX? What Keeps Termite Infestations Away?

Termite infestation is one thing that homeowners unanimously don’t want to experience in their homes. It is understandable since termites can cause significant damage to a house. Termite infestation is something that can be difficult to get rid of once it happens. However, if you are aware of the things that are attracting termites to your home in the first place, you can avoid them all together. There are several things that will make your home more attractive to termites. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about what you might be doing unknowingly that is making your home a likely target for termites.

What Causes Termites to Invade Your House?

As mentioned above, there are several things you might be doing without realizing it that is attracting pests like termites to your home. Following are some things that you should be aware of to avoid attracting these unwanted pests:
– Mulch: While mulch can make your garden beds look appealing, if that mulch is too close to the house, it can cause problems like termites. The moist wood that makes up mulch will be something that termites would find highly desirable. If you have mulch in the garden beds near your home, make sure there is at least 12 inches between the mulch and your home’s foundation.
– Foliage: Be aware that the foliage that surrounds your home could be attracting termites as well. If you have a tree that is close to the house, make sure the branches or limbs aren’t actually touching the house. If they are, it could be an open invitation to termite infestation and destruction.
– Gutters: The gutters around the roofline of your home are an essential part of protection your home against the elements. It is vital that you care for an maintain the gutters on your home. They can often get filled with leave litter and branches, or other debris that could attract pests of all shapes and sizes, including termites. Make sure you’re cleaning out your gutters a couple of times a year to avoid this problem.
– Moisture: At all costs, make sure that there isn’t a lot of standing water around your home. Not only can it cause problems with your foundation, but it can also attract termites. They will be looking for moist conditions to build their nests in. Standing water anywhere near or around your home should be eliminated for a number of reasons.
– Cracks & Openings: Even the smallest cracks in the foundation of your home can allow termites to get into your home. If you have noticed any cracks around your home, especially in the foundation, make sure you are repairing them to avoid a termite problem in the future.

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