Why Do Snakes Come Inside? How to Find & Get Rid of Snakes in Your Converse, TX House

There are some pests that are a problem for several reasons. There are some that cause damage to your home and others that will cause health concerns. While these are all things you don’t want to deal with, they are manageable. You can call out a professional to come treat your home but this sometimes won’t stop you from sleeping easy at night worrying about other pests. Some pests are much more of a concern partially because of what they are. Snakes are a pest that people do not want to come across ever but especially in your home! They are feared by most whether they are small, large or venomous. They are not a pest you want to mess with and having a plan on how to deal with them is a good way to be prepared.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Outlines Steps for Dealing With a Snake in Your Home

Don’t Attack the Snake: The first reaction for most people if they happen to see a snake is to either turn and run screaming or grab the nearest broom and smack away. You want to prevent the snake from moving from the location that it is as well as do what you can so that it will not attack. The snake is a pest that does not want to go after a person but they will go on the defense. If you get too close to the snake or start to smack at it the snake will potentially start to go after you. Once you have seen where the snake is located, it is important to move away slowly and keep your eye on it.
Snake Identification Help: The next step you want to try and take into account is what kind of snake you are dealing with. There are many species of snakes found in Texas. Some of which are no danger at all while others have enough venom to kill a person. If you have a clear view of the snake it is a great idea to take notes about the details. This can be the size of the snake, the location of the snake and of course the markings. You need to see what colors are on the snake and what pattern they come in. This will help determine what kind of snake you have and if they are going to have venom. There are some markings that are easy to make that determination.
Keep Loved Ones & Pets Away from the Snake: You want to then be sure that you close off the space that the snake is in so that your child of pet doesn’t go over to investigate. You want to give the snake space while being in an area that you can still see it. Be sure to lock up your pets and have your children go play in a room that is clear of the snake.
Call a Professional Pest Control Company: Now you need to call out a professional that has the ability to determine what snake species you have and remove it from your house. We can also look around the home and property to make a determination about how it got in the house. Then you can make some repairs to block their access point off. Never try to handle a snake on your own.

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