Why Do Mice Come in the House During Fall in Santa Clara, TX? Looking for a Warm Place for Rodents to Nest & Hide!

There are several pests that have adapted to living alongside humans, one being the common house mouse. These rodents come with their ability to fit through the smallest of cracks and they find our home warm and comfortable and full of food and water. A mouse has the ability to fit through space as thin as a pencil and they will feed on anything. This means you might be battling house mice all year long and without the proper management you may be fighting them for years to come. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share a little bit about House Mice and how working with your professional pest management company you can be mice free.

How Do I Know what Kind of Mice I Have?

House mice are covered in short fur. The colors of the fur can range from brown, grey to black with lighter colored bellies that are mostly white. From their nose to their tail they can reach up to 7 inches in length. House mice are easily identified when seen. However, you can also tell if a house mouse is present by their droppings. They are shaped like rods with points on both ends. Knowing what types of mice you might have help in controlling them.

Where Do House Mice Nest & Hide?

House mice often live outside in tall grassy areas but will make their way indoors during winter season and even hibernate inside of the home and buildings until warmer weather wakes them. They will also stay active depending on how warm the home stays and where they might be nesting. House mice can enter homes through vents, pipes, and other gaps and openings that they can squeeze through. One major problem with house mice is how quickly they can reproduce. Female house mice can have up to eight pups and after six weeks of birth those baby are now old enough to begin reproducing, with a pregnancy last only 21 days.

How Do You Get Rid of Mice?

Controlling house mice isn’t an easy battle but with time can be won. There are two parts of controlling mice. One part is on the homeowner and the other part is on the pest control company. Homeowner’s first part is doing what they can to prevent massive population. This means removing any food or water sources from both inside and most importantly, outside. The first step in rodent control is making your home and yards undesirable. By keeping your yards clean and free of leaking water or excess food, the less likely mice will come into your home but even that doesn’t always keep them away. The next step is to the seal–with either concrete or quick mix–any gaps bigger than a pencil. Don’t use glues or silicone bonds. Mice and other rodents can chew right through that stuff. After sealing and cleaning your home, your next step is preventing your indoor food from being a target. Seal them up in air tight containers as well.

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After the homeowner has done all they can do, it is now time for the pest control technician to step in. Baits and traps will be laid where mice activity seems to be. This will help to reduce and hopefully, with time, rid your home of mice. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help you fight against any pests that try to invade your home or business. For all of your pest management needs, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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