Why Do I have Flies in My House in the Fall in China Grove, TX & How Do You Get Rid of Fly Pests

While the fall months bring reprieve from high temperatures, they also bring with them some pesky bugs trying to make their way into your home. Not left out of the fun is the house fly. These flies will come in troves during the fall months, and can be more than irritating when they are constantly buzzing around your head. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about how you can battle the house fly this fall while still enjoying the fresh air that fall brings with it.

Proper Sanitation is Great Fly Prevention

Flies are often times attracted to filthy things. They are looking for their next meal and don’t care if the food is rotted. They probably actually prefer food that has been sitting out for a while. If you really want to get rid of flies this fall, up your sanitation game. Flies don’t just feed off of unsanitary conditions, they will also be going there to breed. Here are some sanitation tips that will help you keep flies out of your home this fall.
– Keep a lid on your trash can and take it out regularly to avoid rotting foods in your home.
– If there is food on your counter, keep it covered at all times.
– When spills happen, clean them up quickly.
– Keep the areas where your pets eat and any cat litter bins clean.
– If you have areas in your home that have dripping faucets or slow leaking pipes, fix them to avoid excessive moisture.

How Can We Control the Population of Flies

Keeping flies out of your house in the first place is going to be the best way to avoid them this fall. You should follow these tips and tricks to keep them out of your home and still enjoy the crisp fall air:
– Fix any holes in the screens of your doors and windows so you can enjoy the fresh air.
– Put springs on your doors that will allow them to close behind the person that is opening them to go outside.
– Inspect your doors and windows for any cracks. If cracks are present, fill them in with caulking so flies can’t get in.
– Plug any weep holes with screening or nylon pieces to close them up.

What Will Kill Flies Instantly?

It is inevitable that you will have flies in your house at one point or another this fall. There are several fly traps or baits that can help you keep them under control if they do make it into your home. There are some times that you may get an infestation on your hands though and it may require professional help.

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At A Five Star Termite & Pest Control, our highly trained technicians offer fly control that will give you some reprieve from these obnoxious pests. There are several diseases that can be transferred by flies when they contaminate your food as well. Call us today!

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