Why Do I Have Crickets in My Canyon Lake, TX House? Cricket Chirping Noises & More

There are some types of pests that come about and that means the seasons are changing. The weather plays a huge role in the existence of the life cycle of many pests. Some pests can only exist in the warm weather while others are equipped to last all year long. When it comes to crickets you know that the noisier they get the closer it has become to the fall weather. The start of the summer is when the crickets will start to hatch as the weather begins to warm up. The summer is perfect for them to grow and thrive. Like many pests they can anticipate the coming cold months and start to do what is necessary to prepare for the winter. One such measure is the need for crickets to reproduce so that they can continue the life cycle the following year.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Explains Why Crickets Are Noisy During Fall & How to Prevent & Get Rid of Them

Why Do Crickets Chirp in the Fall?: As the weather starts to change, pests and other species will start their preparations for the winter. This can mean they are collecting food while others are preparing a nest. There are also many that are looking for a mate so they can reproduce for the next cycle. This is why crickets are noisy when the end of summer is here and the fall weather starts. The male crickets are the ones that are making all the noise and for good reason. They are the ones that have to search for a mate. They are able to do this by making the chirping sound they are most known for. They are able to make the sound when they rub their wings together. The nicer and louder the noise the more attractive they are to the females.
What are Common Cricket Species in Texas?: There are several types of crickets that are a problem and will cause not only noise but trouble in and around your home. There are the field crickets which as the names suggests are a problem in crops and fields. That is not the only area they are known to invade but they also get in homes quite often. The fall months is when you will see them more often in your home while they are mating and laying their eggs. The camel cricket is another type of cricket that you must be wary of. They are able to invade homes as well and are nocturnal meaning they will be noisy in the night time. If they are in your home they have been known to chew through fabric that might be in the house. House crickets are well known to invade houses and homes to take advantage of shelter, food and water.

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The best way to keep crickets out of your house is to have a professional pest control company treat your home. We are able to target areas that are common to cricket infestations. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers pest control services to treat your home for unwanted crickets and other pests. Contact us for a consultation and inspection today!

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