Why Do Fireflies Glow Only a Night? Are Lightning Bugs Considered Pests in Bulverde, TX?

There are many pests that you need to look out for. As the weather changes from cold to warm the pests that you will come across will change as well. Depending on how warm it is outside, different pests will get out and start to cause trouble. The problem with most pests is that they have the potential to invade your home. When they get in the house you are now dealing with an infestation that will get larger and larger the longer they are in the house. There are some pests that are really only troublesome outdoors while other pests are really just something that people are interested in. Fireflies happens to be one of those pests that people don’t really know much about.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Outlines Interesting Facts About Fireflies

Are Fireflies Actually a Fly?: You would think that when someone names a new found pest the name would potentially tell you what it is. The fire part is very helpful but the fly in the end of the name is very deceiving. A firefly is not a fly at all in fact they are actually a beetle. There are several species of fireflies that can have different characteristics. The majority of them do have wings and will fly away when agitated. Not all of them have wings but the more interesting fact is that not all firefly have an element that causes them to glow.
How Do Fireflies Glow?: There are some fireflies that don’t have the ability to actually glow but are still in the same family. The ones that are able to glow have a mix of oxygen and luciferin that when mixed together give off a glow. The glow happens when the beetles take flight and you can see thousands of them all over a field of your own yard. This reaction sets them apart from other beetles and makes them something that people love to see. Night time is the time of romance for fireflies where they will attract a mate.
Why Do Fireflies Light Up?: There are several ways that a firefly will use their light to benefit themselves. When they are seen flashing and using patterns with their light they are likely searching for a mate. The males will use the flashes to attract a female when they are ready to reproduce. The flashes will attract a specific female that finds that particular flashing patter the most intriguing. The other way that flashes will help the fireflies is with defense. They will flash their light to warm a predator that they don’t want to eat them. When they are attacked the give off a chemical compound that a predator will not find appetizing. The flashing light will remind them that it is a pest they don’t want to mess with.
What Do Fireflies Eat?: Fireflies are a surprising when it comes to their diet. They are able to eat flowers and other plants but also are found eating slugs and worms.

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Fireflies are attractive insects that don’t do any harm to plants, animals or people so we don’t consider them a pest. Plus, the fact that they do eat many pests, gives another reason to let them stick around. If you have noticed spiders and other insects that like to eat fireflies on your property, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help you protect your lightning bugs with customized pest control treatments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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