Why Do Bugs, Insects & Other Pests Come Inside Your Sequin, TX House During Summer?

Summer is a treasured time of year. Life just seems to be so relaxing during the months where the kids are out of school, schedules are not as busy, family vacations take place, and the daylight lasts longer. Humans love summer, but unfortunately, so do pests! Why are some pests more common during summer months?

Are There Even More Bugs in the Summer Months?

Following are a few reasons why pests are more abundant during the warm summer months:
Temperature: During the spring and summer months, increasing temperatures cause humans and pests alike to look for shelter indoors. Just like humans, pests enjoy the air conditioning to cool them down.
Moisture: Pests need water to survive. The summer showers and increased humidity are the perfect conditions for pests! If your city is experiencing a drought, pests seek damp areas indoors for shelter.
Food Sources: In the summer season grass and other vegetation thrive. Grass is cool and moist so pests are drawn to it. They can feast on your grass for days. Once they feel they have eaten all the food from your lawn, they will move on to another location.
Life Cycle: The colder weather in the winter causes reproduction in most pests to become dormant. Once the weather warms up reproduction increases among many types of pests. Many pests increase their population to help ensure their survival when winter comes again.
Daylight: Long summer days and short summer nights give us all more sunlight to enjoy. With this increase in sunlight, pests have more time to find and intake food. Humans and pests both try to soak in the long summer days!

Summer Pest Prevention Tips

So what type of pests increase during the summer? Mosquitoes, ants, house flies, ticks, termites, and cockroaches are pests that are the most likely to be spotted by humans more frequently during the warmer months. What can you do to prevent these pests from infesting your home? We have some specific tips for different type of pests.
Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes require standing pools for their reproduction. Trying your best to eliminate any standing water on your property to reduce the amount of mosquitoes outside your home.
Ants: Ants are a problem that most homeowners will have to deal at some point in their life. Home ant infestations normally peak towards the end of July. Ants come into your home in search of food. Making sure that you clean up crumbs and leftover food scraps will send ants right out of your home in search of food. Making sure that your garbage cans are tightly closed will also deter ants from setting up a colony in your home.
House Flies: Like ants, house flies come searching food. With flies you have to worry about possible diseases that they can transmit to humans. Their quick reproduction rate can make them challenging to get rid of. Keeping your house clean and free from food crumbs will help get rid of them quickly out of your home. Disinfecting your counters regularly will prevent any disease they may be carrying from infecting any of the members of your household.
Ticks: Ticks typically will attack dogs and cats. Visually inspecting your animals after being outdoors can help you detect ticks immediately. If you see any ticks be sure to remove them immediately.
Cockroaches: Though cockroaches may infest your home throughout the year, they are likely to be the biggest problem during the summer months. As with some of the other pests, making sure food scraps aren’t left out and that garbage cans are properly sealed is the best way to prevent these pesky creatures.

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If you find your home being plagued by these pests, or any other pests, we hope that you will be able to take some of these preventive measures and get rid of them. Frequent pest control service will also keep these pests away. Give us a call here at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control to set up your appointment today!

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