Why Bees are So Important in Kirby, TX; Food is Pollinated By Bee Populations & More

The odds are that over the last year or two you have heard more and more about bees and why we need to be cautious of them. Not for the reason that you think of right away which is the bee stings but because they are so important. You might know a small amount about bees and the fact that they create delicious honey and pollinate flowers and other plants. Although you know that you might not know what that means and why it is so important. There has been a large emphasis on how to deal with bees. Many years ago you could call out a pest control company who would essentially eliminate the beehive and kill off the bees. That is no longer the case and you want to do all you can to hire a company that offers bee hive and bee relocation services. We cannot afford to lose a single bee. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines some of the reasons bees are so important to our survival.

Bees Give Us Food

You might be surprised to know that about a third of the foods that we eat is dependent on pollination. They pollinate the trees and bushes that grow all the fruits and vegetables. This does not end with us eating them raw either. Have you ever gone for a smoothie, had a red Sause on your pasta, eaten a nice Pico de Gallo? Then you are eating the things that were harvested fresh from a garden or crop. The foods that we eat everyday are full of fruits, vegetables and grains that are pollinated in large part by bees.

Cows & Livestock Need Bees

Now that we have said how important bees are to the foods that we eat we can talk about livestock. These are cows, pigs, chickens and more that feed in a field. The field is seeded to grow things such as alfalfa that has to be pollinated as well. The livestock is dependent on these plants to grow and live. If there was not the foliage available it would be extremely difficult as well as expensive to feed them. That means that many of the meats that you are eating needs bees too!

Honey Sweetener

Nothing is better than a batch or perfectly fresh honey straight from the hive. This natural sweetener needs no additives to make it ready to eat. It is a great way to sweeten tea, coffee and other foods. With more and more people cautious of the things they are putting in their body an organic natural honey is a huge option. Honey is not just a way to sweeten but also has some health factors as well. It can help to reduce a cough, reduce skin infections and has many mineral and vitamins to aid in overall health.

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Bees are such an important part of life and we need to be more and more cautious how we deal with them. With spring here and summer on its way, the heat will bring more bees out. They will look for a place to build and hive and often times that is near a home. When they do it is always best to call a professional pest control company. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control conducts thorough inspections to determine what species of stinging insect has invaded your property. If wasps are found, we offer expert extermination and if bees are found, we recommend local beekeepers to relocate them. Call us today!

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