Why are Yellow Jackets, Hornets & Wasps Worse in the Fall in Somerset, TX? Aggressive Preparing for Winter & More

When the summer comes to an end, the fall weather sets in and most people assume that all the summer pests will stop coming around. This is true for most pests but there are a few that not only stay around but usually get more aggressive. We are talking about wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. They are usually known as a summer pest because they are found around ponds, swimming pools and backyard barbeques. They are a pest because they swarm around but also because they can sting. During the summer months the wasps, yellow jackets and hornets will feed on protein and carbohydrates. They do tend to get around areas that have water and usually will attack if someone is near the nest or they are aggravated by someone passing by.

Why Do I See More Wasps in the Fall?

When most of the pests go away for the cold weather these ones stick around. Instead of feeding on protein and carbohydrates they start to get more aggressive and change their diet to sugary sweet foods. They will go after pieces of fruit that may be out or soda cans that are open and the sticky soda is in. They become more aggressive as well and tend to cause more stings during this time.

Danger of Wasp Stings

People are most often stung by one of these pests when they are trying to swat them away from their body. The wasp, yellow jacket or hornet will feel like they are attacked and they will go on the defense and sting. Other people are stung when they are walking around the nice cool yard without shoes on. If you step on one of these guys they will immediately sting. The other way that many people will get stung is when they go to take a drink of their soda where a wasp, yellow jacket or hornet has entered and not yet come out.

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The best thing that you can do to eliminate them from coming into your yard and home is to call a pest control company. They are able to come out and treat the home and the surrounding area for each kind of pest. They can also set you up with some kind of system to keep a perimeter set up around your yard. This way you can enjoy the cool weather outdoors without being annoyed by these stinging pests. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has a service that can help with these pests and any others that you may have trouble with. Call us today!

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