Why are there So Many Wolf, Hobo & Other Spiders in My La Vernia, TX House this Fall?

Tis’ the season for all to begin decorating their homes, with fake webs galore and spiders on the door, tis’ the time of year for all the creepy décor! Soon we will see skeletons and witches welcome in every home and the kids will be scurrying to find this year’s best costumes! The weather is about to start cooling off, which means we will see an influx of invaders trying to enter our homes to seek comfort and warmth. Spiders are one of these invaders.

What Attracts Spiders to Our Homes?

Spiders are often found around and inside of homes because we provide both shelter and a steady food and water source for them. The less hospitality you offer spiders, the less you will see in your home. If you keep your home treated for pests year-round, keep a clean home, and seal off entry and exit points for pests, you are less likely to find these unwelcome invaders all year-round! In lieu of Halloween being right around the corner, we thought it would be fitting to discuss two of the most common spiders one can find locally.

Wolf Spider Facts

These are very common in our area. Wolf spiders are relatively harmless and do more good than harm. You can identify one of these by the sheer size of them. Females reach 1 3/8 inches while the males follow behind them at ¾ of an inch in length. Their bodies are covered in brownish gray fur and they have distinctive eye patterns. (If you want to get that close to identify them). Wolf spiders have three rows of eyes. The bottom row is comprised of four smaller eyes that are parallel to each other. The next row has two large eyes that are visibly larger than the rest and in the center of their head. Finally, the third row of eyes is comprised of two medium sized eyes that are almost centered on the sides of the wolf spider’s head. Some mistake these guys for the feared brown recluse or a tarantula, but these guys are a lot smaller than tarantulas and while they have dark patterning on their bodies, it will never be in the shape of a violin like the brown recluse. Finally, look at their legs and tarsals (feet). Wolf spiders have short thick legs and three claws on their tarsals. The next hint would be to look at where you find the spider you want to identify. Basements, garages or even bathrooms are perfect hideaways for the wolf spider, they don’t spin webs like most other spiders, and their hunting tactics mimic that of a wolf. They hunt for prey on the ground and jump on it to attack it. They are also extremely fast runners! It is rare that a wolf spider will attack a human, but if you do get bit, it will sting for a short time and the pain usually subsides in about 10 minutes.

Hobo Spider Identification

Hobo spiders measure at about a half inch in length and are brownish in color. They prefer dark, humid environments making your home the perfect habitat for them to thrive. They build distinct tunnel type nests and are masters of hiding. They like living under furniture, in wood piles or in basements among stored materials and boxes. They tend to camouflage themselves well with their surroundings and their nests are effective hiding places for them. Hobo spiders have been dubbed “The aggressive house spider” which is both disturbing and informative. They won’t bite unless they feel they are in danger, or if their eggs have been threatened. If you stumble upon one while moving things about or bringing in firewood, it could have painful consequences. Their bites start off with a stinging sensation. After about 30 minutes the bite site will become numb, red, swollen and callous. In a few days the site of the bite will begin to blister. Eventually the blisters will break open and seep fluid followed by the skin around the bite dying or becoming necrotic. If you believe you have been bitten by a hobo spider, seek medical attention.

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