Why are Stinging Wasps Worse & More Aggressive in Late Summer in San Antonio, TX?

When people think about summer, there are several things that come to mind. Some may think about swimming, BBQs, breaks from school and so on. However, when you think about summer, stinging insects like wasps are sure to come to mind as well since they are so prevalent during that time of the year. Something that you may have noticed is the increased aggression from wasps as the summer season starts to wind down. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about why wasps tend to be more aggressive toward the end of summer and beginning of fall each year.

Wasps are More Aggressive at the End of Summer

There are several reasons why you might notice some extra aggression from wasps as the summer ends. Following are some of the facts behind why this happens:
– Wasp Population: Part of the reason it might seem like wasps are so aggressive at this time of the year has to do with the fact that their population has been building all summer long. The wasp population is more than likely has big as it gets toward the end of the summer. When there are simply more wasps around, it is only natural for it to feel like they are more aggressive.
– Wasp Diet: Another issue is the change in their eating habits at the end of the summer. Wasps generally eat a high protein diet. This comes mainly from eating other insects. However, toward the end of the summer, they will make a switch and start to prefer sugary foods that are high in carbs. Human food is often where they will turn to get this type of food.
– Wasp Queen: The queen plays a role in the extra aggression this time of year as well. You will start to see the days get a little chillier, and when this happens, the queen will be looking for somewhere to hide out throughout the winter season. This means she will often be found in structures and places that will cross paths with humans.

What Keeps Wasps Away from You?

Because wasps carry a painful sting when they feel threatened, it is always going to be beneficial to avoid contact with them in the first place. Here are some tips to help you stay away from any wasps:
– Keep food and sugary spills away from them this time of year. Clean them up right away.
– Put tight fitting lids on all trash cans.
– Keep doors and windows shut when they aren’t in use. Make sure there are no holes in your screens.
– Use an exterior fan to keep wasps away from your outdoor dining.
– Rely on local pest control to help you keep the wasp population down.

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