Why are Norway Rats a Problem in McQueeney, TX? Live in Social Groups, Cause Damage & Spread Disease

Rats are found across the U.S, from the east coast to the west coast, and everywhere in between. There are some species more common than others in different areas of the country and with the many types of rats, people will come across rats at some point. Among the worst types of pests are the rodents. Rats are known to spread serious ailments and cost homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars to repair structures, utility lines, replace insulation and food storage. Rats are elusive, though occasionally people can see them in their peripherals. The rats are fairly difficult to evict once they have moved into structures. Today, we at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to discuss Norway rats.

Norway Rat Description

Norway rats can be found around the world. Norway rats are thought to be originated from Asia and are very common rodents. If you know what to look for, Norway rats are fairly identifiable. With a short scaly tail, and smaller ears when compared to other rats, Norway rats feature also a blunt muzzle. The fur is coarse and ranges in color to variations of brown and gray. Norway rats also have undersides that is lighter in colors of gray or white. In size they can grow to 12 ½ – 18 ½ inches in length. These rats average 10 to 11 ¾ ounces in weight and scurry on all fours like most rodents. Norway rats will invade homes any time of year given the opportunity, however, during the fall is the most common time of year that Norway rats intrude inside as they escape potential predators, the dropping temperatures and look for food and water sources that have likely depleted with the change in weather.

Do Norway Rats Live in Social Groups?

As they do daily activities together, Norway rats live socially, burrowing close to one another. If you see one Norway rat, there are likely many more. Under the clutter and debris found in basements is where they tend to congregate if they come inside but will look for undisturbed locations to nest. Alongside riverbanks, around concrete slabs, and under garbage, wood piles, and other clutter is the soil where Norway rats prefer to burrow.

What are the Signs of Having Norway Rats?

When homeowners discover destroyed electrical wires and plumbing pipes along with clearly gnawed structure damage, Norway rats are often the culprit with their incredibly powerful gnawing capabilities. Since they can gnaw through the utility lines, even plastic and lead pipes, these rats can quite easily get passed the food packaging including cardboard, paper and flimsy plastics. Once they get to your food, they pilfer what they want, and the rest is contaminated from their bodily waste or other bacteria that has attached to their body. Norway rats are known to carry fleas as well, so people can be affected by the flea-borne ailments in addition to such diseases as rat-bite fever, the plague, cowpox virus, salmonellosis, jaundice, and trichinosis the rats transmit.

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In conjunction with adequate sealing precautions of your home and preventative pest control services, be sure to include simple housekeeping, controlling clutter, trimming back vegetation, and storing your food in air-tight containers as a part of preventative measures. Call A Five Star Termite & Pest Control and our technicians will do the rest, no matter if you need assistance getting rid of Norway rats or simply want help to better protect your home.

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