Why are Mosquitoes so Bad this Year in Somerset, TX? How Do You Get Rid of Mosquito Pests?

Mosquitoes pose a significant problem during summer, especially when temperatures soar. They are particularly active during dusk and are unwelcome guests at outdoor cookouts, pool parties, and BBQs. Just like many other species of insects, mosquitos are cold-blooded and rely on the environment to thrive. Mosquitoes do not survive well in cool climates, so mosquitoes tend to gravitate to warm, moist areas like those found during the spring and summer months in San Antonio, Texas. With milder winters and warmer summers, mosquitoes are becoming an increasing nuisance and can pose significant health risks spreading diseases like West Nile and Zika. In rare cases, mosquitoes can be deadly.

How Bad are Mosquitoes in Texas?

Nothing is worse than participating in a backyard get-together with family and friends only to become the victim of a blood meal. Mosquitos are one of the most common flying insects; there are approximately 3500 hundred species of mosquitoes around the world. Environmental factors determine the life cycle of a mosquito, and we are well into the summer months, but did you know that mosquitoes plague the State of Texas well into the autumn months?

Life Cycle; How Many Days Does a Mosquito Live?

There are four stages mosquitoes go through as they grow, including egg, larvae, pupae, and finally, the adult stage.
1. Egg: Once the female partakes in a blood meal, she will lay her eggs in the most optimal area to ensure they grow. Stagnant water is the ideal place to lay her eggs.
2. Larvae: Once the eggs have incubated, they become larvae feeding on microorganisms to thrive and grow into pupae.
3. Pupae: Once the larvae grow into pupae, they will spend from one to four days in a cocoon before emerging as adults
4. Adults: once the adults emerge from their casings, they will fly for a blood meal. Unfortunately, for San Antonio residents, the mosquitoes will begin reproducing and beginning the lifecycle all over again. If you do the math, you will come to the shocking realization that the life cycle of a mosquito ranges from four days to four weeks, depending on conditions. Do mosquitos ever go away in Texas? Once the weather drops below a certain temperature, they will hibernate through the winter only to emerge and begin laying eggs when temperatures rise. As the population explodes, the annual fight between homeowners and mosquitoes begins.

How Do You Stop Mosquitoes from Invading?

Contact the experts at A Five-Star Pest to schedule a comprehensive mosquito treatment and control plan. Along with a mosquito control program, some of the things you can do at home include removing all standing water sources to eliminate breeding grounds, cover or drain containers that can hold water, and ensure tarps are drained periodically, and don’t forget to clean gutters of leaves to ensure they are flowing to stop water from accumulating.

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Live free from the burden of mosquitoes by contacting A Five-Star Pest control today to learn more about mosquito control and schedule an appointment for your San Antonio, Texas home or business. You won’t be disappointed.

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