Why are Cockroaches So Survivable & Hard to Kill in San Antonio, TX? Multiply Fast & More

There are some pests that no one wants to see running through their house. A spider is scary but they are pretty solitary and could be the only one in the area. Spiders also have a benefit near your home in the sense that they will eat other insects that are heading your way. When it comes to cockroaches they are a nasty pest and get a bad rap. The reason they are not loved is really for some great reasons. They are a problem for people that suffer from allergies and asthma. Their feces, urine and dead bodies are all triggers for breathing trouble. They also carry and spread bacteria that is harmful to you and your families health. Also they are just nasty looking and one seen never means just one. Lastly they are hard to get rid of and kill. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what makes cockroaches so hard to get rid of when they are in your house.

Cockroaches Do Not Need Much Food

Most people think that if they start to see cockroaches they can just ensure that the house is clean and all the food is sealed to get rid of them. That is often true when it comes to other pests but cockroaches are a whole other beast. They will be initially attracted to food and crumbs that they can find in your house but they don’t need it. Cockroaches are a pest that don’t actually need to have food to survive and can go quite a long time without any food at all. They can last over a month without eating a single morsel of food and up to a week without water. You would have to be meticulous with your cleaning to starve off an infestation in your home.

Roaches Move Fast

If you see a cockroach run across the floor most people have two reactions. They either will run and scream or they find the closest shoe and throw it. It seems like you are never fast enough to get to them before they disappear again. They are actually quite fast and are smart enough to find the closest cover to hide under. There have been some studies that have shown that they are able to even run up to three miles an hour.

Roaches Multiply Fast

When it comes to some pests they may not multiply and reproduce very fast but that is not true with cockroaches. If you feel like you have smashed or killed a bunch only to realize there are still tons of them coming out it is for good reason. In a single year a female cockroach can actually have 30,000 babies. The interesting thing is that if you have an infestation there are going to be several females that will be laying eggs all year long. The infestation can be much larger them you might have originally thought.

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