Why are Bed Bugs so Hard to Get Rid of in Leon Valley, TX? Hide During the Day & More

There are lots of pests that are difficult to treat when they start to infest your home. Most of them are quite small and they are able to gain access to your home in many different ways. There are also pests that are great at hiding which makes it sometimes difficult to even know you have a problem. You want to make sure that you know the best way to deal with pests of all kinds. There is one type that is really making its presence known after thinking they were all but extinct. That is the ever present and pesky bed bug. They are a nasty pest that has a terrible stigmatism that is attached to them. Most people are under the impression that only very messy and dirty homes have bed bugs but that is just not the truth. The biggest problem is that people are scarred what others might say if they see a pest control company out to treat for bed bugs. You need to be sure that you have the infestation treated immediately for several different reasons. The main one is that they are extremely hard to treat.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Lists the Main Reasons Bed Bugs are Hard to Get Rid Of

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?: One of the hardest things when dealing with bed bugs is that they are hard to locate. They are a pest that is best known for hiding and staying out of view. They are usually hiding in some type of fabric such as your clothes, mattress, couches or luggage to name a few. They are in the seams and stay still during the day when there is not food to be had. They will wait until you are asleep and in bed before they come out. The first signs that people have when they realize that bed bugs have invaded their home is bites on their exposed skin. The skin that is exposed when you sleep is susceptible to being bitten. If you are already being bitten the infestation is already a problem. Make sure that you call out a professional that knows how to do a proper bed bug inspection.
Bed Bug Bites Don’t Wake You Up: This is a very odd fact about bed bugs that make you think you must have a rash or some other reason for the red bites and bumps. The bed bugs have the same components that are used to numb your skin which is called an anesthetic. This means that when the bed bug latches onto your skin it numbs the area so you don’t feel anything. All you wake up to is a series of red bumps in a row.
Evolution of Bed Bugs: When you talk about any animal, people or pest the ones that survive are the ones that have evolved enough to continue to survive. This can also be said about bed bugs. The reason that they were thought to be exterminated all together is that the treatments were doing so great. That was until they realized that the treatments were no longer working. There were some adjustments made but by then the bed bug had already made a comeback. There are some tried and true treatments that can be used now to eliminate them but you need to call a company that has the expertise in dealing with bed bugs.

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