Who is Responsible for Pest Control when Renting a House or Apartment in Redwood, TX; Tenant or Landlord?

Pest infestations can be more than a bother to anyone. They can truly ruin your home if they are left to their devices for long. When you are renting from a landlord, you be asking yourself who is responsible for the pest problem in your apartment? Dealing with pest problems in a rental property can be tricky because it can be difficult to decipher who is responsible for the problem. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about landlord and tenant pest control, and who is the responsible party.

Is a Landlord Responsible for Pest Control in a House or Apartment Rental?

As far as what is a landlord’s responsibility to their tenant, when they rent out a property, they are ensuring there is no pest infestation or problem that makes the property unlivable. It is a general consensus that tenants expect to have the property be pest free at the time they move in. Going further, the responsibility of keeping the property pest free also lands on the shoulders of the landlord. To put it bluntly, landlords are responsible for general pest control services to the property. Pest management responsibilities that land on the owner include:
– Thorough pest inspection before any new tenant arrives to move in.
– Providing a solution to any situation that may make pest infestation a risk like broken windows and screens, broken seals and other access points.
– Owners must provide pest services anytime a problem with infestation is reported.
– Landlords are responsible for any pest control services provided. The only time they aren’t responsible for the cost is when a tenant is responsible for the problem.

What are Some Pest Management Responsibilities that the Tenant Must Take Care Of?

Anytime there is a pest problem in a property you are renting that is a result of a natural disaster or a problem with the house itself, you can rely on the landlord to pay for pest services. However, if there is a pest problem because of your actions, the responsibility will be yours. Some situations that leave a tenant responsible include:
– Flea infestations as a result of your pet.
– Failure to maintain a proper sanitary environment. This includes failure to store trash properly, failure to remove trash from the home, leaving food uncovered in the pantry and more.
– Anytime you leave a water problem without reporting it or fixing it, the responsibility to remove any pest problems afterwards will be yours.
– If you have damaged the property and given pests access to the house, you will be held accountable as well.

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