Which Company is Best for Pest Control in Santa Clara, TX? Licensed, Insured, Experts on Local Pests & More

There are areas in the United States that not only is pest control important, it is almost required. Every area in the US has some type of pest that will take over and invade if you let it. Some of these pests are very aggressive and can cause more damage that you can even imagine. Some can cause health troubles and other can spread disease. When you think about the amount of trouble many of these pests can cause hiring a professional and reliable company is a must! The products that are available for you as a homeowner are not treating the infestation it will only combat the pests that you can see. You may seem like you are making a difference but all you are doing is sending the pests looking for a new exit strategy. A problem that has come up in the pest control world are scams that are taking advantage of you and your delicate situation. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has listed here the most common scams and what you can do to not fall victim to them.

Licensed Pest Control

This one can be hard to spot. Anybody can go have a business card made and buy some equipment to spray with. A company that is licensed would be willing to show you proof at any time because of the time that they took to follow the laws and regulations of your state. When a company is unlicensed they are doing things their own way. We don’t think that you want just anyone spraying chemical in your home and around your family. When you hire a company you can ask about their licensing and if they seem to give you the run around you may want to go a different route.

Free Pest Inspections Scam

You should be wary of a company that has come to your house unsolicited and is offering a free pest inspection. Although an inspection of your property for pests is a great idea you want to know that you can trust the person doing it. The scam starts when the so called professional finds some kind of pest such as termites that need to be treated immediately. Many times these guys will bring dead bugs with them to plant as evidence of the infestation. Next thing you know you could be shelling out the cash for a made up problem. Always hire someone to do an inspection that you contacted.

Permanent Pest Control Contract

There are some pest control companies that seem to be great and offer good service but when you call them out they want you to sign an agreement with them for one year. This seems reasonable since you will probably want a monthly service anyways. The problem is that some have a clause that the contract automatically renews after the one year and unless you figure out the exact cancellation date you are stuck with a company whether you want to be or not. Read the fine print and opt out of the auto renewal program if at all possible.

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