Which Bugs are Bad for Your Garden in Balcones Heights, TX? Aphids, Cabbage Worms & Slugs

The spring season is here and that is the best time to get your garden going. A garden is full of vegetation like flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables! This happens to be a big draw for many kinds of pests too! There are several kinds of garden pests that can really take a toll on your plants and cause them to not grow well and could kill them off all together. Treating for these pests can be hard since there are different methods that work for some and not for others. The best way to get rid of unwanted garden pests is to have them treated by a pest control professional. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists the most common garden pests to help you deal with them quickly and effectively.

How Do Aphids Harm Plants?

Aphids are a bad pest to have in your garden: An aphid is a garden pest that is a tiny insect that is a green translucent color and can be hard to spot. The females give birth to live young so they are able to take over a garden and spread at a very fast rate. The aphid will feed on the leaves in the garden and in the wake leave them welting and dying. They usually hide under the leaf or plant so that just looking at the plant you may not notice. Ants like to feed on the honeydew that aphids leave and that is a sign that aphids may have infested your garden.

Do Cabbage Worms Eat Tomato Plants & Vegetable Gardens?

Cabbage worms are a pest that can take over a garden and ruin the plants along the way. They eat constantly and will go from one plant to another killing off the plants as they go. They tend to eat leafy vegetables and have been known to work fast. They hate onion and that is why planting them near your vegetables is a great way to ward cabbage worms off.

What Damage Do Snails & Slugs Do to Plants in Yard?

When you think about a slug or a snail, speed is not the first thought. The problem is that even though they are slow they eat a lot and can cause some serious damage to small plants and fruits that tend to grow close to the ground. They hide well since they are nocturnal and will only come out at night to get to work. If you want to find these pests you can take a flashlight and start looking around.

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