Where Does a Little Brown Bat Live in New Berlin, TX & How to Keep Bats Away from Your House

There are about thirty three species of bats that are found throughout Texas. One of the most frequently seen bats flying around is the little brown bat. The little brown bat is found in many areas across America and they can quickly become a nuisance. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share more about these tiny bats and how you can help prevent them from entering into your home.

How Do I Identify a Small Brown Bat?

The little brown bat is one of the smallest bats found in America. In fact, the largest one found only had the body length of 4 inches with an outstretched wing span of 11 inches. As their name suggests, they have brown fur that covers most of their body with a short pair of rounded ears and a short rounded snout or nose. The little brown bat prefers moist, humid areas and is one of the most commonly seen bats by people. The little brown bat will hibernate during the winter season and awaken with the warmth of spring. Their young are born during July or midsummer. The mother will mate during the fall season but delay fertility until spring so their babies will be born anywhere from June through July. Bats grow rapidly from the newborn state to full adulthood. The process only takes 9 months. Like most bats they sleep in damp, dark places during the day and emerge at night to search for food. The little brown bats are fast hunters. They maneuver very well to follow the flying insects even though they may seem quite clumsy to us. Bats will consume about half of their own body weight in bugs each night just to keep up on a steady diet. Most of the time bats will hunt for insects in the air. However they will sometimes land onto larger animals–typically cattle or farm animals–and eat the insects that may be on them such as flies or mosquitoes. Most people will overreact and think the bats are biting their animals. This just isn’t so. In a sense, they are helping other animals by relieving them of the pesky insects. As most people know, bats have rather bad eyesight and rely on echolocation to find their prey and to navigate.

How Do You Keep Bats away from Your House?

There are times when bats will relocate as some stray bats around found inside commercial or residential buildings and most commonly in the attic. Every now and then one may accidentally fly into the inside of a home or commercial building. To prevent these accidents, or for those looking to relocate into your home, you can take a few simple steps. First, remember that the little brown bat is very small and can crawl into your home through small cracks, often the attic ventilation. To prevent them from entering your home and leaving behind a stinky mess, make sure you cover chimneys and vents with a metal screen, and that all window screens are in good working order. Additionally, avoid leaving the door open for long periods of time.

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If a bat colony has moved in near your home, in a shed, garage, or your attic, contact a wildlife removal company to remove bats. Bats do carry ticks and fleas along with rabies and other diseases. Therefore, it is best not to make contact with them. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help remove any stray bat or a large colony as they occur. If you need help removing your bat problem, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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