Where Do Roof Rats Live During the Day & Tips for Getting Rid of Rodents in Bulverde, TX

Roof rats are a well known pest that can be found in most parts of America. Named for their great climbing skills, they are often found climbing around roof tops and walls. Roof rats can be extremely difficult to control due to their agility. Additionally, roof rats are considered a dangerous or hazardous pest. They are known to spread diseases and illnesses along with being very destructive. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share how to identify and control roof rats.

Roof Rat Identification

Roof rats have a mixture of brown and black soft fur or sometimes a mixture of black and gray, with a white or lighter colored underbelly. Roof rats have a set of large eyes and ears that are hairless. Roof rats also get very large with a body length of eight to sixteen inches, including the tail. Some additional features are a long angular body with a smaller and lighter body build and pointed nose.

Where Do Roof Rats Live?

Roof rats are most commonly found on the coastal regions and southern states. Roof rats like to live outside but tend to stay off the ground much like squirrels. They only go to the ground to scavenge for food. Some will break the rules and even burrow in the ground. In so doing, they often ruin garden and yards. They’ll often build their nests high in tree tops or in dense vegetation. They also find human structures a suitable nest and living environment. Therefore, you can also find then building their nest inside your home. They tend to favor the attic spaces. They are also found nesting in false ceilings, inside or on top of furniture or cabinets, and inside the walls. When roof rats invade homes or other human structures, they often cause major damage from chewing through walls, electrical wiring, and plumbing pipes. They are not only destructive they are also known to carry harmful diseases that is often left behind in urine or feces. They’ll invade human domains to seek out food, water and nesting site. When the seasons change, and the weather isn’t very suitable, they will seek more comfortable living environments which result in infestations during the winter and summer seasons.

Getting Rid of Roof Rats & Keeping Rodents Away

Roof rats are very difficult to control due to their agility and great climbing abilities. It often takes the help of a professional pest control company to provide additional aid to control and prevent roof rats especially once they inhabit an area. However there are ways that can help reduce your chances of becoming infested with roof rats or other rodents. To achieve this, you will want to make your home or property as distasteful to rats as possible. You can make your home or business uninviting to rodents by following these basic steps.
• Maintain a clean and clutter free exterior. This includes the yard which should be well groomed. Prevent overgrowth of trees and shrubs. Avoid yard debris from piling up and don’t store random objects or items outside your home.
• Prevent feeding and watering rodents. Never leave discarded food outside or pet food or water. Make sure all of the trash disposal areas are clean and trash is sealed. Keep all food inside the home sealed in glass or metal containers, and don’t leave snacks or fruit bowls out. Lastly make sure there is no leaking water lines inside or outside of the building or on the property.
• Make sure all of the roof’s shingles or tiles are secure and in place. Repair loose tile or any other roof damage quickly. Also trim tree branches so they don’t come in contact with the roof.
• Cover large openings round the home or building such as chimneys and attic or dryer vents. Seal up any gaps around windows and doors with caulking.

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