Where Do Roaches Go when It’s Cold in Cibolo, TX? Do American & German Cockroaches Die in Winter?

There are lots of pests that could be invading your property as well as your home. When this occurs a few stragglers can end up causing an infestation if there is not something done about it. Some of the pests that seem to always pop up and be a problem are cockroaches. They are one that no one wants to see and usually they come out at night. They are usually out at night and most of them need to be somewhere around moisture. They are also a pest that some people think are only an issue in the summer and warmer months but that is not true. They can and will survive through the winter and when the warm weather shows up you could have a much larger problem than you might have first thought. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what cockroaches do in the cold winter months.

Do American Cockroaches Die in Winter?

There are several species of cockroaches that can exist and be living in your home. They each are unique and have their own characteristics. This is also true when you are dealing with the way they are able to go through the colder winter months. The American cockroach is one that is not able to just live in the cold temperatures if they go lower than 15 degrees. That does not mean that they cannot find a way to get through it. They are able to get in a house or a building they can live through the winter with access to food and a warm place to nest and live.

Do German Cockroaches Die Off in the Winter?

The other cockroach that is often found in homes is the German cockroach and they are very similar in terms of how they get through the winter. They still need to have somewhere that they can go to stay warm. This means your home is a great place to go.

Do Oriental Roaches Go Away in the Winter?

The oriental cockroach is quite different than the other cockroaches that you might see. They are darker in color and usually have a shiny coat. They also are a cockroach that would choose to be outdoors and stay there as long as there is a place to hide. The adult cockroach will usually die in the late summer and the juveniles will stay and look for a place to be. They are often found in your garage, home, attic and basement. They may be the last species to try and invade your home because they are able to live through colder temps than most other cockroaches.

How Do You Keep Roaches Away?

You want to make sure that if you are dealing with any kind of pest you do what you can do to prevent an infestation. When it comes to cockroaches it is a bad idea to let your guard down just because it has gotten cold outside. The cold weather actually will start to drive more and more pests in your home. You want to make sure that you keep the home secured and continue with your pest control services.

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