Where Do Raccoons Store Food, Live & Come Out During Winter in Timberwood Park, TX?

Most people are aware that in certain types of weather that there are pests that are more trouble than other types of weather. Staying on top of the pests to worry about can help you prevent an infestation. An infestation of any type of pest can be damaging to your home as well as the people that are living there. You want to do all that you can to avoid this problem. That is why getting to know pests in your area is a great way to do that. One of the pests that you might worry about are raccoons. These are a pest that seem cute out in the wild but they are also troublesome when they start to get in your home or on your property. You might think that wildlife is more of problem in the summer, fall and spring but not so much in the winter. The interesting thing is that the raccoon is a problem the entire year round so never let your guard down.

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Food For Raccoons: When you are thinking about a pest or wildlife that is concerning to your home and guests you want to know what they are after. The first thing that they are looking for always is a way to eat. They need to be able to find food to eat to live and they can find all they need in and around your house. Raccoons are sometimes called trash pickers because they are willing to eat just about anything. They are actually called an omnivore which means that they will eat meat as well as vegetation. They are known for eating other mammals, insects and vegetation which hits all the areas of food. They also are more than willing to hop in your trash can and take out your leftover Chinese takeout or your scraps of food from the night before food prep. This is a huge draw for raccoons and as long as you have trash out they will come rain or shine.
Where Do Raccoons Live?: Just like any other rodent or wildlife that is looking to get out of the weather they start to look for just about any option. When it comes to raccoons they actually live in a den. The interesting thing is that they will switch where they are living every few days if they don’t like the spot. They are happy to use what is around them such as a tree, rock cutout or a hole in the ground that other wildlife has already prepared. Raccoons are also good to make a den in your house. They are usually able to find a spot in the crawl space, basement or attic that they are able to get in. This can be a den that they choose to use and they will also start to cause damage and odor when they live there.
Do Raccoons Come Out in the Winter?: One of the myths that people believe about raccoons and many other wildlife is that they hibernate in the winter. There are many critters that do but raccoons don’t actually do a full hibernation. They might take some time to sleep in their den but they are also out in search of food. They fatten up in the warmer months and that makes it so they don’t have to get out everyday. They might still be out looking for their next den in the winter.

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