Where Do Pests Go in the Winter Time in New Berlin, TX? Hibernating Insects & More

It seems that when the winter months get here the pests get out. The cold weather makes it so that you get to and from your car quicker and you plan activities that are indoors. That is because we want to stay warm or at least don’t want to be outside freezing all winter long. That is the same for most pests. They want to get out of the cold and that is why you stop seeing them as much outside. The problem is that you may start to see more and more of them inside your house. It is a great place for them to find the warmth and shelter they need. The rest of the pests that you often see scurrying around are doing something else.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Outlines How Insects & Pests Survive the Winter

Some Bugs & Pests Die in Cold Winter Temperatures: When it comes to pests many of them will actually live their whole life cycle in less than a year. They are born often times in the spring when it just starts to warm up and then when the winter and cold comes they die. That may seem like a short life but that is how they are wired. They are born and then they reproduce. That is why most of them are born in the spring and by the fall when the weather starts to cool down they will go off and lay their eggs in a protected spot such as a house, stack of wood or garage to name a few. The eggs will last the winter and then they will emerge in the spring just like their mothers and fathers before them. This is the life cycle for many pests that include crickets. They are not able to live in the cold so they make sure that their young are in a good position to be born later.
Some Pests & Pests are Migratory: Although some pests stay where they are and when the weather changes they die there are some that have a better plan. If you are thinking of a butterfly and a dragonfly they don’t die off but choose to migrate. They are smart enough to realize that there are places that are still warm and have opposite seasons. They are a few of the pests that will migrate to warmer regions when the cold settles in. This is so that they can survive through the year and make sure that their eggs are laid and ready to be born in the spring. That is why some people will see butterflies in some areas sooner than others do. It all has to do with the temperatures that you have in your area.
Hibernating Insects & Pests: Hibernation is not only for bears but there are lots of other wildlife and even insects that will hibernate as well. There are some pests that can hibernate even when they have ice forming in their body. They are able to find a place that they can wait out the winter and when it’s time to warm up, they are able to get going again to start a new season.

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