Where Do Leaf-Footed Bugs Live in Leon Valley, TX? Are They Harmful? How to Get Rid of Lawn Pests & More

The leaffooted bug is an occasional bug that can be seen entering the home during the summer. They are more commonly seen in the fall and winter as they search for a warm place to hunker down during the colder months. They will come into the home during the summer time in search of food. For those who like to have that fruit bowl out for an easy snack, you probably have more problems with this pest than others. Additionally, once they are in your home they like to crawl in bed with you where they are often mistaken for bed bugs or kissing bugs. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will help you identify and control these occasional home invaders.

What Do Leaf-Footed Bugs Look Like?

The leaffooted bug is in a class of insect that consists of a large number of species. However most leaffooted bugs are black, brown and white, and have white or pale markings. They have a shield like shape to them but are more angular than the brown Marmorated shield stink bugs. They also have two back legs with a leaf like projection at the end. The larger species of leaffooted bugs can reach up to 1/16th of an inch in length.

What Plants Do Leaf-Footed Bugs Eat?

The leaffooted bug is a plant eating bug that favors produce such as fruits, vegetables and seeds plants. However, they will also feed on sorghum and ornamental plants as well. Leaffooted bugs are primarily a winter pest when they find your home is a sufficient enough place to hide out winter. When food becomes scarce they will fly into homes in search of food. Often they will find openings to crawl or fly through.

When Do Leaffooted Bugs Lay Eggs?

Leaffooted bugs will mate in late spring and lay their eggs on leaves where the eggs will hatch after one week of being laid. The nymphs can reach full adulthood within 5 to 6 weeks. If conditions remain ideal, the leaffooted bug will mate all year long and can have up to three generations within a single year. Said ideal conditions are normally when they invade home or other structures and find warmth and an ongoing food supply. Each time a leaffooted bug mates, a single female can lay up to 200 eggs at a time.

Are Leaffooted Bugs Harmful?

Leaffooted bugs are harmless to humans and are not destructive to homes or other human domains. However, they are known to spread disease to plants, especially when they lay their eggs. They are considered a produce pest and major populations of leaffooted bugs are normally tolerated. That is why if you see them in your home, it is best to suck them up with a vacuum. Avoid crushing them because they emit a terrible odor if crushed.

How to Prevent Leaf-Footed Bugs

To prevent a huge population of leaffooted bugs, you will want to maintain a well kept yard. They will feed on seeds from weeds as well as other plants. However it helps to reduce the food source as much as possible. Avoid having wood stacked too close to your home. They are drawn to piles of wood to hide in. To help keep them out of your home seal up any cracks large enough for leaffooted bugs to crawl through. Make sure window screens are secure and in good condition.

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Now is the time to prepare your home for these unwanted invaders. If you need help controlling these pests around your home, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help you handle any pest. Contact us to be pest free today.

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