Where Do Jumping Spiders Live & What Do They Look Like & Eat in Spring Branch, TX?

Spiders are one of the few pests that truly make people apprehensive. They are often dangerous, creepy, and nothing most want any part of. But even someone with a severe case of arachnophobia might make an exception for finding peacock spiders cute. Being no bigger than that of a pencil eraser, these adorable spiders are colorful, hence their names, and perform an exciting dance to seduce their female counterparts. With that in mind, we at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control would to shine the spotlight on peacock spiders and the latest additions to the family.

Identification of Jumping Spiders

As mentioned before, peacock spiders are little, only averaging 1/8” big; they are no threat to humans. Their small jaws are incapable of latching onto human flesh and their venom doesn’t affect humans with such a small dose. However, their prey isn’t as lucky. Typically, crickets and other spiders are stalked and pounced upon by these little jumping spiders, much like a lion. These little adorable monsters can take down prey 3-4 times their size despite their cute looks and tiny stature. A very distinctive spider thatis all classified into one genus, Maratus and are formally in the Salticidae family has 67 total named species and subspecies that are in an array of colors. Making headlines in recent months, the peacock spider has a few new family members that were discovered in Southeast and Southwest parts of Australia. Making headlines with their new striking colors and patterns, people are in awe over the latest finds. As with many animals in nature, the females and males are discernible as the males have the bells and whistles and the females are plain and generic looking of the 2. The males take advantage of their stunning appearance to engage the females and will perform a ceremonial dance as a part of their mating ritual. With each of these peacock spider species having their own specific coloring and markings, it is fairly simply to tell them apart. One of the latest finds includes a peacock spider that resembles the Union Jack, as its back is covered with the pattern and is named the Cristatus. With their distinctive markings, even non-scientists can recognize them. Similar to the plume of feathers that make up a peacock’s tail, this species features 8 plumes of long white hairs sticking up from its back. Next is the Electricus spider, appropriately named due to the arresting pattern made up of parallel red lines on its back that greatly resembles a circuit board. Additionally, we have the Trigonus spider which features a characteristic not typically shared among the other species of peacock spiders; a white crown at the tips of its abdomen that is very distinct. finally, the “blue-face”, or the Maratus personatus spider, has stolen the attention of many scientists and laymen alike; this little one has a unique bright blue mask on its back, which is very effective to lure in potential mates. Not only relying on the eye-catching blue mask with its white-colored banding, the blue-face spider has a fan-like abdomen that extends when trying to get the females attention. To initially gain the attention of ladies, they will raise and wave a single leg.

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Jumping spiders live in a range of habitats from tropical and temperate forests, scrub lands, deserts, intertidal zones and mountainous regions. Unlike Australia, the spiders in Texas are far from cute. There are 101 species of jumping spiders in Texas alone. The most well known specimens are the 15 species that belong to the genus Phidippus, with the most common being Phidippus audax, also known as the bold jumping spider. If you have spotted any kind of spider or pest in your home, call the professionals of A Five Star Termite and Pest Control today.

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