Where Do Insects Overwinter in McQueeney Park, TX? How Do You Stop Overwintering Pests in Your Home?

When you hear the term overwintering, it’s generally a term used to describe how an insect or plant spends its time over the winter months. The term overwintering also describes how an insect can move into hibernation in order to survive the cold during the winter months. Why do insects overwinter? The main purpose of overwintering is to find or create a warm environment to survive the cold. Diapause determines that the insect’s development and growth is inhibited to ensure the insect has the means to avoid the cold or undergoes biochemical changes to survive the cold weather until an internal clock senses spring is approaching. The insects will then emerge to reproduce during the summer months. Not all insects overwinter; some insects that are particularly fragile will migrate towards more temperate environments returning to their homeland in the spring. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is a full service residential and commercial pest control exterminator. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced, licensed, bonded, insured and qualified to eliminate all types of pests from your home or business. Our highly skilled technicians recommend protecting your home from overwintering pests during the mid-summer months, before insects begin considering invading your living space looking for the ideal spot to take shelter during the cold.

How Do You Stop Overwintering Pests?

• Ensure all cracks, gaps or crevices in your homes foundation are sealed, and pay particular attention to seal tiny openings around utility pipes with caulking. Install fine wire mesh behind your dryer vent. By making sure all openings in the exterior of you home are blocked, pests will not be able to find entry into your home.
• Be sure to properly examine doors and windows, check that the screens are intact, repair any damaged screens by DIY or hire a professional to complete the job for you.
• Store any wood away from your home; wood can attract small rodents and spiders. Keep outdoor piles of debris to a minimum. Examine any wood that you are bringing into your home closely to make sure you are not inadvertently carrying any insects into your home.
• Don’t leave open food sources in your pantry; use plastic storage containers with sealed lids. Clean up any spills quickly, by eliminating food sources you are reducing your home’s level or desirability to bugs or other insects.
• Don’t store food on your counter tops, keep fruit and other produce in your refrigerator to keep fruit flies at bay. Never leave dishes in your sink overnight; unwashed dishes can attract rodents and cockroaches.

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If you have followed these valuable prevention tips from A Five Star Termite & Pest Control and you have concerns about overwinter pests, contact us today and speak with a customer service representative. Our experienced staff will banish all of your uninvited guests, including overwintering bugs, hungry mice and rats or nuisance wildlife! Whatever type of pests you are experiencing, we get rid of them! We not only eliminate current pest issues we also help prevent future threats.

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