Where Do German Roaches Come from in Shavano Park, TX & How to Get Rid of Cockroach Pests

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in homes across the world. One particular species of cockroach that can be found in almost every corner of the world is the German cockroach. This is an invasive species and loves invading human domains. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share how to properly identify and control this particular species of cockroach for a pest free home.

German Cockroach Identification

German cockroaches are one of the more common species of cockroach to be seen invading homes. A German cockroach is a medium sized cockroach, about 5/8 on an inch long. German cockroaches are light brown in color and they have a distinct marking on their head. They have two stripes going horizontally leading from the eyes, down to the head and sometimes their back. Adults will develop wings that cover the entire abdomen. Although they can fly, German cockroaches typically only crawl.

German Cockroach Behavior & Habitat

You can also identify German cockroaches by their behavior. Most cockroaches will have similar behaviors and preferred habitats. However, each also varies which can make it easier to identify what species you have invading your home. For example, American cockroaches like to hide high in tree tops and invade homes at night as they are drawn to the light within the home. German cockroaches like to hide during the day and love crawling inside boxes, bags, and even clothing. Often German cockroaches will be found hiding in clothes in the closet, on the ground, or in a laundry basket. German cockroaches also love to crawl in boxes and will even begin eating away at cardboard and other paper based items as well as glue. German cockroaches will begin chewing on wallpaper and books if not eradicated. German cockroaches will also invade hot humid areas and will use piping and plumbing system as highways and will occasional enter homes through the piping.

German Cockroach Infestation

When German cockroaches invade they can pose a threat in a few ways. One they are rapid reproducers, laying 40 eggs in a single capsule. Going from egg to adult only takes two months which means a major infestation can occur very quickly. German cockroaches also carry pathogens such as bacteria and viruses which can cause asthma in large metropolitan areas. They can also cause skin irritation and allergies. They contaminate any surface they make contact with and often contaminate food, dishes and flatware.

How to Prevent German Cockroaches

Controlling any cockroach species can be difficult. However, beginning inside the home, start by keeping drain protectors over all of the drains inside your home. Maintain all water features inside and outside of the home. German cockroaches are drawn to moisture and humidity, so by preventing a water source, you can help reduce a German cockroach population. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink too long and clean crumbs off of the floors and counter tops. Be careful not to leave snacks or fruit bowl out, or you can be feeding pests. All dry or pantry items should be stored in an air tight container to prevent pest exposure and contamination. Make sure your home is properly sealed and prevent pests from entering inside the home. Another effective method is using a pest control service. There are many ways to control cockroaches such as pesticide, roach baits and traps.

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