Where Do Flying American Cockroaches Inside & Outside My La Vernia, TX House Come from?

There are few places around the globe that do not have roaches creeping along. There are even fewer people who can say they never crossed paths with a cockroach. Cockroaches are known to spread diseases, germs, bacteria, and trigger asthma and especially allergies. With so many cockroaches in the world, there are four commonly seen cockroaches in Texas. Of these four, American cockroaches are not only common in Texas, but the most common in the United States and we at A Five Star Termite and Pest Control would like to discuss some basic information concerning American cockroaches.

American Cockroach Identification

Being one of the largest cockroaches in the country, these roaches average 1 ½” – 2” in length. From multiple shades of mahogany, reddish brown, and brown, their primary colors vary. No matter what the primary color is, they all bear a yellowish band marking just behind their head. By the time they are adults, American cockroaches will evolve fully developed wings that can be used for flight, however, their flight patterns are clumsy and awkward. Because if their insufficient ability to fly, American roaches will generally stick to running; as they should. American cockroaches have been clocked at three miles per hour, being one of the fastest animals around, perceptively; it would be the equivalent of a person running 210 miles per hour. With this ability, flying isn’t typically their plan. Once the flights flicker on in the middle night, you can see their quick action as they hurtle to find refuge.

American Cockroach Lifespan

In the event they manage to survive during their lifespan, an American cockroach can live for about a year after reaching the adult phase. The females produce approximately 150 hatchings in her lifetime. Once an egg is laid, the roach hatches as a nymph until it matures into an adult. Their morphing cycles are very rapid. An egg will hatch after 6-8 weeks, and within 6-12 months, depending on the living conditions, they will become adults. As a nymph, American roaches do not have wings.

Diet of American Cockroaches

They will consume nearly anything for sustenance, though the American cockroach’s diet is not at all specific. They do seem to favor decaying organic matter and other choices such as meats, plants, glue, hair, soiled clothing, pet food, beer, cheese, leather, cosmetics, paper products, other insects, and are partial to fermented fruit. Roaches do need water too but they can go up two weeks without if necessary. Generally, American roaches will opt to seek out places to nest in close proximity to a water source and have a tendency to stick close to sewers and drains.

Where Do American Roaches Live?

Their preferred habitat is dark, warm and damp areas. To be close to a water source and with their habitats being specific to a few needs, outside American roaches will often be found around a home’s foundation, under porches, in crawl spaces and in dark cracks and crevices. More often than not, these cockroaches infiltrated your home in the winter to escape the less favorable conditions outside. Being they are nocturnal and avoid artificial light as well as the sun, once inside your home they will hunker down in the garage or other dark spots.

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