Where Do Bed Bugs Come From, Are These Biting Pests Carriers of Disease & More in Kirby, TX

Bed bugs are stubborn and challenging to eliminate. DIY bed bug control is rarely successful due to the cunning and resilient nature of bed bugs. Though they were nearly once eradicated at one time decades ago, the simplicity of world traveling, and increasingly public accommodations have nearly made them an epidemic again. Due to their immunity to past methods and resilience, you need A Five Star Termite and Pest Control expert to ensure they are completely eliminated from your home or business. Today, we would like to share what you should know about bed bugs.

1) Bed Bug Smell

After laundering your bedding, typically, the freshness is what you smell, however, in cases where you may smell a sweet, musty scent, or even the smell almonds or spoiled raspberries, as some folks describe, this is smell is attached to bed bugs and indicates you have an infestation.

2) Bed Bug Bites

The initial bite is not usually felt by the victim. Generally, you will feel the bite after the fact. The pain and itching manifest a few to several hours later. They are able to bite stealthily because their saliva acts as an anesthetic in addition to increasing the blood flow at the bite site. This allows them access to their meal without disturbing their host. Once the anesthetic is worn away, the person can typically feel the after affects.

3) Bed Bugs Will Live in a Clean or Dirty House

Most people associate bed bugs, well any pest infestation for that matter, with filthy and unsanitary living conditions. Bed bugs actually prefer cleaner places to live and will thrive in the clean and organized environment you diligently work towards.

4) Failure to Get Rid of ll the Bed bugs in the World is Inevitable

Being adaptable and resilient with a built up immunity to harsh chemicals that once was effective, bed bugs are harder to kill than most people think. Bed bugs are even more resilient than roaches, and many people give cockroaches a lot of credit. Keep in mind that bed bugs can live without feeding for months, with stand extreme cold and hot temperatures, are exceptionally intelligent, and they have an attachment to a “home”. For example, you can frequently follow ants back to their nest after they have foraged, bed bugs do not have a nest.

5) Bed bugs are Not Disease Carriers

Despite syphoning blood from their hosts, bed bugs are not linked to spreading any known diseases. They can be a medical concern however, if the individual has an allergic reaction to the injection, they deliver to keep the blood flowing that also acts as the anesthetic. A secondary infection can also manifest as people describe the bite as itchy and in an effort to satisfy the itch, they scratch relentlessly which allows other germs and bacteria from causing an infection.

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If you suspect bed bugs it is important that you contact A Five Star Termite and Pest Control as soon as possible to avoid the infestation from growing excessively populated and for effective elimination. Contact us to find relief from pests today!

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