Where Do Ants, Mosquitoes, Termites Bees, Cockroaches & Other Insects Go in the Winter in Shavano Park, TX?

Have you ever wondered where insects go all winter long? Why these obnoxious little creatures don’t just die off in the cold weather? Well, insects have some pretty killer survival techniques. Depending on the insect, they have different ways of surviving until the weather warms up in the spring. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about several different insects and how they get through the winter months.


When it comes to ants, most ant species will simply close off the entrance to their nest and huddle together until it gets warm. Keeping their queen warm is their top priority, and they will use their stored energy to do so. Without their queen, they wouldn’t survive throughout the winter. During this time, they will enter into a dormant state and remain that way until they feel warm weather again.


More and more people are seeing how valuable bees are to our existence. These important insects are cold-blooded and will stay in their hive as they wait out winter. Fun fact, bees will keep themselves warm and generate heat by fluttering their wings throughout the winter months. Their queen also remains in the center as they huddle around her to try and stay warm.


The unfortunate news about termites is the fact that when the weather gets colder outside, they will try their hardest to get into your home to stay warm. Some termites will dig deeper into the ground and wait out the winter, but if they can get into your home, that is their first choice. They aren’t quite as active during the winter, but they can still cause a great deal of damage when they aren’t discovered and properly treated.


Cockroaches need three things to survive: food, water and warmth. If they have any access into your home, they have no problem making it all the way through the winter months. They will also often look in storage sheds for some warmth as well as firewood piles too.

House Flies

House flies don’t usually survive the winter. The only way that they can survive is if they have access into your home. This will give them the warmth that they need for survival. Cluster flies that you find in your home will be slow moving and lethargic if they are even moving at all.


Most moths will die off during the winter. They lay eggs that will hatch in the spring, but aren’t a common problem in the winter. That is, unless you have a clothes moth on your hands. These moths will feed on the clothes in your closet all throughout the winter.


It depends on the mosquito, but most mosquitoes will die off in the winter. Some of them find a safe, warm-ish place and hibernate through the winter. Others will lay their hardy eggs to hatch as the weather warms up.

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