Where are Pests Most Often Found in Your San Antonio TX Home? Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms & Just Outside

If you have pests in your home you want to do everything in your power to prevent them and to reduce their populations as soon as possible. One of the best ways to prevent pests and to treat them is to know what you are dealing with. Depending on the season that you are in the pests will be different but the ways to prevent them and to treat for them is going to be very similar. Another way to be sure that you are ready to treat the pests in your home is to know what the most common problem areas are and why.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists the most common areas to find pests on your home.

Kitchens Are Home To Many Insects, Bugs & Pests: Your kitchen is the most common place that pests are found in your home. The reason is pretty simple! Your kitchen is home to all the food in your house. It is also where you prepare your food and clean all the dishes. This just so happens to be what most pests are in search of. Cockroaches, mice, ants and many other pests make their way into kitchens in search of food that can be tiny crumbs that have fallen off the counter. If you are not careful and consistent in cleaning up dishes and packing away food you are sure to have pests invading your kitchen in no time.
Pests Around Your Trash Bins & Exterior Of Your Home: This is the second most common place that you are sure to find pests scurrying around. You may think that this is not such a big deal since it is outdoors but pests can easily start to make their way in. You may come across scorpions, cockroaches, mice, rats and wildlife. They come into your yard looking for the food that is left in your trash bin and the perimeter of the house is just a step away from inside the house. They are able to go around the house and find small cracks and gaps that will easily make their way in. You should always have these areas treated by a pest control company when you schedule your regular pest service.
Insects, Bugs & Pests are Found in Bathrooms: This is another area that you may encounter pests such as earwigs and silverfish. They are prone to be found near areas that have a higher level of moisture like a bathroom where you shower and use water often. You also most likely have a hamper or towel that is wet or damp and will attract pests.

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