When Should I Be Concerned About a Tick Bite in Cibolo, TX? What are the Most Common Diseases from Ticks?

Even though fall is upon us, this isn’t the time to let your guard down when it comes to protection yourself against tick bites. Their most active season will be from May-October. You still to do everything you can to avoid tick bites since they can carry a variety of diseases that can greatly affect your life. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about some of the diseases that ticks can transmit to humans and animals.

Facts About Ticks

People see ticks as a disease carrying pest; which they absolutely are. However, there are a variety of facts about ticks that people may not be aware of. Some fun facts about these pests include:
– Out of the literal hundreds of tick species, there are only a few that should raise any concern: the black legged tick (deer tick), lone star tick and dog tick.
– Ticks most likely live in tall grasses because they don’t jump or fly. You won’t find them living in the trees.
– Tick bites often go unnoticed because they never will itch or hurt.
– You can count on ticks being active as long as the temperature outside is above 45 degrees.

What is the Most Common Disease from Ticks?

There are several diseases that ticks carry and can transmit when they bite you. Here is a short explanation of each disease as well as its name.
– Lyme Disease: This is the most commonly known tick-borne disease. Sometimes this can be a tricky disease to diagnose, but one of the main signs is a bullseye rash that follows a bite. Patients may also suffer from a fever, joint pain and fatigue.
– Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: This disease can be treated with antibiotics and comes with a wide range of symptoms that include fever, nausea, muscle and stomach pain as well as loss of appetite; to name a few. It can be a fatal disease, but is also very treatable.
– Southern-Tick Associate Rash Illness: People that are infected with STARI are often misdiagnosed with Lyme disease because there is a bullseye rash that appears very similar to Lyme. Symptoms also include fever, headache, muscle and joint pain.
– Tularemia: This disease that is often found in small rodents like rabbits and mice first is started with a tick bite. This disease has nasty symptoms that include irritation, inflammation, skin ulcers as well as lymph gland swelling. The common treatment for this illness is antibiotics as well.
– Anaplasmosis: Within one or two weeks of getting bitten by a tick, those that are infected with anaplasmosis will start to feel symptoms that include fever, headache, chills and muscle aches. Without treatment, more serious problems can develop including respiratory failure, organ failure, bleeding problems and even death.

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