When are Scorpions Most Active in Alamo Heights, TX? How to Keep Scorpion Pests Away

There are many types of pests that you have to deal with throughout the year. They may change as the seasons change while other pests will make waves all year long. One pest that some homeowners are stuck dealing with are scorpions. While they are most active during the summer, they can be all around you and your community all year long. They also come in many different sizes and species. They are considered an arachnid but they would not be easily confused with a spider. They have some similarities that include their outer shell and of course they each have eight legs. The big difference that you will notice when you see a scorpion is that they have a segmented tail that has a stinger on the end. They also have a set of pincers on the front that help them in their quest to catch and eat their food. Scorpions are something you want to make sure you deal with when you notice them.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control How to Prevent Scorpions in Your House

What Time of Year Do Scorpions Come Out?: There really can be a problem with scorpions at all times of the year but it really depends on the weather. Even though they can be troublesome all year round there are two main times they are at their worst. This is at the beginning of the summer and then again at the end of the fall weather. Scorpions are able to thrive in the warmer temperatures and that is why that span of time is the most active time. When the weather starts to cool down they need to find a place to get out of the cold. That is why at the end of the fall weather they start to show up more inside your home. If they are able to get in your house at the end of the fall season they will ride out the winter unless you have your home treated. The other fact about scorpions is that they are active at night since they are nocturnal. They come out at night when the sun has gone down which is prime time to catch food.
When to Go to the Hospital for a Scorpion Sting: This is a question that is asked often when it comes to scorpions. They do not have a bite but they do have a sting and they have venom that will be injected into the person or animal that is stung. The problem is that you may not realize that you have an allergy to them until you are stung. It also depends on the size and the species of the scorpion that you are dealing with. The kind that you will likely find in the house do have venom that can cause a painful sting and young kids and older individuals will be the most effected.
How to Get Scorpions Out of Your House: When you notice that you have scorpions that are starting to make their way into your house you want to make sure you treat for them right away. The best way to do that is to make sure that you call out a professional. They are able to inspect the property for where they are originating as well as treat the house to get rid of any that have gotten in the house. A technique that some homeowners try is the black light. This is a good way to see where they are but you still are want to get rid of them which is best left to a professional.

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