What Will Keep Wolf Spider Infestations Away in Sandy Oaks, TX? Pest Control to Kill Insects Spiders Eat!

Many people are uncomfortable with spiders and when they’re a rabid wolf spider, they can be downright scary! Its name implies that it is fast, erratic and aggressive, but they are actually quite calm and passive if you don’t handle them incorrectly. It’s reassuring to know that these spiders do not carry the Rabies virus and are not harmful to people. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control delves further into wolf spiders below.

What Does a Wolf Spider Look Like & What is the Behavior?

Wolf spiders are rather large and can move quickly. These spiders have a neat pattern on them that gives them an elegant look. This pattern is so unique that you can use to identify them even if you see them just for a second. They have a clear brown marking with lighter colored chevron patterns on the abdominal stripe of a tan colored body. The male wolf spider also has front legs that are black when they reach maturity. The females are larger and get up to an inch in size, but their long legs make them look much larger when you look at them from above. The females will carry their egg sacs under their abdomen. The spiderlings will hang onto their mothers for a short time after they have hatched. Once that are too big to hang on to mom they will go off on their own. They are nocturnal and are active hunters. If you notice one during the day, it’s likely been scared out of its hiding spot. These spiders do not build webs as they are active hunters but will use silk to cover their eggs. Along with actively hunting, they will also lie in wait for prey to pass by.

Will Wolf Spiders Bite You?

Wolf spiders are not venomous, but their large fangs can puncture the skin. If you don’t want to get bitten then don’t handle them. They would rather get away from you and will posture and challenge people and animals before resorting to biting. They will only bite if they feel threatened or feel they can’t escape. The bite of a wolf spider will leave two stab wounds that are unequal in size as the fangs won’t enter equally and will not deliver the same amount of venom. The bite will feel like a bad wasp sting. The bite will heal on its own and doesn’t require special medical treatment

Wolf Spider Habitat & Pest Control

Wolf spiders reside in burrows that can be opened or sealed with doors made of silk. They will also plug their burrows with pebbles to deflect water in the rainy season and may also put twigs on top. Outdoors they can be found in grassy areas like yards and gardens. Because they actively hunt their prey, they can wander into our homes and can inspire fear. Cooler weather will also bring them into our home and they will come in through windows, doors, garages and basements.

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Even though they are harmless and are great for controlling pests because of their diet you may not want them around. If you have a spider phobia and you keep running into them, you can contact a pest control company like A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to get rid of spiders and the insects that attract them. Give us a call today!

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