What Will Keep Raccoons Away from Your House & Yard in Balcones Heights, TX & How to Get Rid of Wildlife

Raccoons are stocky animals with fur that is salt and pepper gray in color with a ringed tail. They also have a black “mask” over their eyes that make them look like little bandits. Raccoons weigh 10-30 pounds, are 2-3 feet in length and are found all over the United States. They have forepaws that resemble tiny human hands with fingers that make then very dexterous. They are excellent climbers, swimmers, jumpers and runners and can outsmart almost any human concoctions used to deter them. They prefer to live in forested areas that are close to a water source and will come into populated areas, becoming a pest as they search for refuge and forage for food. Gardens are an easy source of food, even better if there’s a source of water too. Raccoons are omnivores that eat animals and plants. They love seeds, fruits, acorns, berries and grains. They will also eat fish, clams, insects, snails, frogs and mice along with bird eggs. They really enjoy any waste that is generated by humans and pet food that has been left out. Raccoons can cause severe property damage and transmit dangerous diseases so you definitely don’t want them sharing your residence. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers helpful tips to keep them out of your home and business below.

How Do I Prevent & Get Rid of Raccoons?

Raccoons are nocturnal and mischievous in nature, especially when it has anything to do with trash cans! They are extremely persistent, so trash cans and recycling bins should be stored inside if possible or sealed in a shed or outhouse. Animal proof lids need to be used with trash cans that are kept outside. Remove any source of food that may attract them and any holes or access points, like broken cover vents need to be sealed. Loose siding or shingles need to be repaired and place a mesh cover or a cap over the chimney. Any other exposed openings need to be sealed to keep raccoons out of your house. An electric fence is a good measure to take over a traditional fence because they are so agile and intelligent.
1. Live traps can be set out and then they can be released at least three miles away. Bait can be almost anything! Try corn, peanuts, pieces of chicken or fish flavored dry cat food.
2. Chili powder and garlic mixed and spread around the garden can keep then away.
3. Noise can work to scare them away, so try leaving a radio on in the garden.
4. Try putting a bright lantern in the garden. It might be enough to keep them away.
5. Pinwheels and streamers might be enough to scare them away.

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Other than the mess they can leave behind, raccoons are a major host of rabies. If you can’t keep them out, then you’ll need to turn to trapping, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Nuisance wildlife needs to be dealt with by professionals. When it comes to removing wildlife pests it’s usually a one-time specialty job because each situation is unique every time. If you need a pest control company to help you with a raccoon problem, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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