What Will Keep German, Oriental & American Cockroaches Away from Your Home in Converse, TX?

There are several pests that are a danger to your health if they are living in your home. One of them is a cockroach. They are not fun to see around the house especially when you flip on a light and they all scatter. They are sneaky and will hide away from people all day and head out at night in search of food and water. They are willing to eat anything that is left out on the counters or floors and will even go into cupboards on across the counters in search of something to eat. They tend to carry disease and they can leave a bacteria filled trail along their path. This means that your counters where you prepare and even cook your food for each meal can be contaminated. Make sure you take measures to ensure that you are not unintentionally inviting cockroaches into your home. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what cockroaches you might see and how to prevent them from getting in your home.

Are German Cockroaches Harmful?

This is the most common kind of cockroach that you will see around and in your home. They generally like a nice warm place to nest and live so a home is a great option of where to start their family. They are found most likely in a bathroom or kitchen and like to hide out in the cracks of walls and cupboards. They can be identified by their brown coloring with a yellow band behind their head. They are not very big with the adults growing to about a half inch. They also reproduce pretty quickly and the mother can have up to 50 eggs at one time. German cockroaches are very dangerous as they carry a large number of viruses, bacteria, and parasites on their bodies and in their feces which can cause diarrhea, dysentery, salmonella, and other serious health concerns.

Are Oriental Roaches Hard to Get Rid Of?

This is not as common of a cockroach to come across but they are out there and can get in your home just like any other pest. They like to hide out in dark and damp places that they can stay well hidden. They can live under cooler environments as well so nowhere is safe from these nasty little pests. These cockroaches are a bit larger than the German cockroach and grow to about one and a half inches. They also have a fully developed wings and are usually a very dark brown to black color. Getting rid of Oriental cockroaches requires patience, persistence and a combination of both chemical and non-chemical treatment methods.

Do American Cockroaches Infest Homes?

This is another very common cockroach that is found all over and most likely around food and food preparation surfaces. This is the largest of the cockroaches that are found commonly measuring about two inches. They are usually a reddish brown color and they have fully developed wings. The females will lay about 10 eggs usually in a crack somewhere and leave to hatch.

What Keeps Cockroaches Away?

If you think you have cockroaches you want to contact a professional pest control company to come and treat your home for all pests including cockroaches. You can also make sure that you clean up after each meal including rinsing off all food debris from dishes.

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