What Will Keep Destructive & Damaging Tree, Ground & Flying Squirrels Away in Sandy Oaks, TX?

There are a number of species of squirrels found throughout the world and several in the state of Texas. We have cold winters where many species of squirrels will begin to invade homes to escape the frigid weather. When squirrels become desperate to find shelter, they will chew and scratch their way into homes causing serious property damages. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share the different types of squirrels that affect our homes during the winter.

Squirrel Category

There about 200 species of squirrels worldwide. In the United States we have three categories of squirrels. There are ground squirrels, tree squirrels, and flying squirrels. Each category of squirrels has their own habits and behaviors. However they all look very similar to one another, with the most diverse species being the flying squirrel. Most common characteristics that all species of squirrels share are bushy tails. Some are longer or shorter than other species. They have short arms, and legs, sharp claws for climbing, small pointy ears, and a big pair of eyes. Flying squirrels have webbing that connects from the front and back legs.

What Do Tree Squirrels Do & Eat?

The common tree squirrel species found in North America are the fox, gray, and red squirrel. All three can be found in Ohio. Even though the gray squirrel is known for its coat color, it can vary from gray, to brown, tan, black and even a reddish color. Sometimes a red colored gray squirrel is mistaken for a red squirrel. However, a red squirrel has a tan or rusty colored under belly, while the gray squirrel, regardless of its coat color, always has a white or yellowish colored under belly. The fox squirrel has the same pattern as foxes. They have a reddish top and tan under belly, with black ears and feet. Tree squirrels, as the category suggests, prefer to live high in treetops, and collect nuts or tree seed pods for food.

Where Do Ground & Flying Squirrels Live?

A ground and flying squirrel population is much smaller than the tree squirrel species. Ground squirrels aren’t very commonly found invading homes. Ohio is home to the Thirteen Lined Ground squirrel, but they like to live underground in large grass land areas, so unless your home is on the outskirts, near large grass lands, you normally won’t find these guys invading homes or yards. However the same can’t be said for the flying squirrel. They will look to escape the cold of winter and will claw or chew their way into homes if necessary.

What Kind of Damage Can Squirrels Cause?

Squirrels can become a serious problem during the fall and before winter sets in. Most people assume squirrels hibernate during the winter and that is why they will invade homes during the winter. However this isn’t true. Squirrels don’t hibernate. They do sleep more and seem less active because they don’t like the cold. Squirrels will chew holes on roof tops, near attic ventilations, and even climb through the chimney just to get inside your home. Once they get inside the home they can begin chewing on wiring, and damage your home’s structure, especially in the attic.

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If you have squirrels moving into your home in hopes to have a free warm place to hide out during the winter, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help place traps and remove squirrels as they begin to cause problems around your home. Before you’re left with expensive damage and repairs, call us today!

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